Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watching them grow.

I'm amazed!
Recently we went and had family pictures taken, and they turned out amazing! My wife was able to make copies of pictures from the disc we were given and had one of them up on the fridge, and I was admiring it today. It happened to be right next to an informal family picture taken a little over two years ago, and I was floored by the change in our family. Denny was just a baby then, and Sydney was still in diapers. I just can't get over the change in my kids. I mean, I know kids are going to grow and get bigger, but it just made me shake my head. It also really made me realize something. I realized just how much I am enjoying watching them grow up.
I realize just how lucky I am, and I've stated that many times in my blog, but to see just how beautiful both of my children are, as well as my wife, made me really count my blessings. Both of my kids are healthy and happy and that's all I ever want from life anymore, so I feel like a lucky man in that respect. I just know that if anything serious ever comes up, I'm going to have a REALLY hard time. I felt horrible a couple of weeks ago when my kids were sick with the flu, I can't imagine if something hard core was wrong with them. I read a blog from a lady whose little boy is going through some health issues, and I just feel so bad for her. Yes, I feel bad for the little boy, but I know how hard it must be for her. If you don't already follow "Mama Still Wears Gucci" you can read her blog here. She's a really good writer, and usually quite funny. My heart goes out to her, and it makes me realize that much more how lucky I am.
Back to my amazement!
  The other thing that makes my jaw drop is how fast these kids are learning. When Sydney started school in September, she could kind of write her name recognizable. Now, she writes her first and last name like a pro. Sure her handwriting isn't perfect yet, but it's still awesome that she can do what she can. And Denny, wow! He's actually behind in his development but I think that's my fault. He turns three in about two weeks and he doesn't really talk yet and isn't potty trained fully. The thing is, over the last two weeks I've watched him grow in both areas so much. He is putting two words together finally, and he's telling me when he needs to go poop! My wife and I keep telling each other, "He's getting there." It's just amazing to see that development happen in front of me. I am so happy that I get to watch these things happen. Maybe I wouldn't get to see it as much, or as clearly, if I wasn't a SAHD, so that's one more reason to be happy I stay at home! (Another is that I get to sneak in some golf on Xbox most days, but we won't mention that here!)
Enough already!
Ok, I've gushed about how great my kids are and how lucky I am enough now. I'll just say this while we were having our family pictures taken, in the shot below this paragraph, I have never felt so much pride in my entire life. I am proud to be Stacy's husband, and I am proud to be the father to my kids. I know I'm not perfect, but I wish there were more men out there who felt the same. 
Seriously, am I the luckiest man alive or what? I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Parenting while sick!

It's SO hard to do!
Let me set the scene for you a little bit okay? For all of the week prior to last, both of my kids were sick with the flu. First Sydney had it, then Denny got it. And when I say sick, I mean SICK! They were both throwing up until there was nothing left in their poor little bodies to throw up, and then they just dry heaved. They had it coming out the other direction horribly as well. Poor Denny isn't 100% potty trained yet and after his couple of days of puking were over he got the runs that he had no control over at all. He would tell us "Poop!!!" That was my wife and I's cue to strip him naked, carefully putting his overflowing pull-up into a garbage bag, and then using our detachable shower head to hose him off. We did this at least five times. At least he was up to date with his showers! So as I said, my kids were really sick. Then my wife and I got it!
Of course I get it worse than her. DUH!!!
Well, with my already questionable immune system(and I've mentioned this a number of times in the past, try to keep up)I got this wretched sickness way worse than my wife. Or, maybe she's just tougher than me. It's possible I promise. She threw up once and had the backend issues, but I was SICK, SICK SICK! I carried a bowl around with me to puke into. That is when I could move. I got so bad at one point I cried out to my wife to take me to the ER because I felt like I was dieing! I did go to the ER and was given fluids and pain meds as treatment for dehydration. I was sent home, but it didn't stop there. The next day I was still sick the whole day. At one point I went upstairs to "sleep" and the next thing I remember, I was in an ambulance! Apparently I passed out on the landing of our steps and was delirious. I spent quite awhile in the ER again that night and was finally diagnosed with a UTI, the flu, and Mono! In addition to severe dehydration. So as you can see I was/am pretty sick. I feel so run down that I don't make it through the day without a nap.  
They know!
As you can see, the scene I set for you is pretty uncomfortable for anyone. What makes it worse is when you feel that crappy and still have to take care of kids. As I said, my wife was feeling less than good herself so she stayed home from work with me. If she hadn't, there might have been big problems. I might have caused bodily harm to both of my kids using only my stare! It was like they knew when we felt the worst and that's when they were the neediest. As I'm sure you know it's very hard to fix someone a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch when you can't keep anything down yourself. Especially when the smell of the peanut butter is enough to make you nauseous.  Then just when you get settled back on the couch with your puke bowel and your blanket, "DADDY, I need more juice!" "He's kicking me!" "AAAHHHHH!!!" And it goes on like that for what feels like FOREVER!!!  Just when you finally fall asleep for the first time in a day someone is pulling the others hair, someone hit someone, someone is looking at someone, someone has someone elses toy, someone needs even more juice, someone wants a snack, someone has to go potty, someone(the dog) needs to go out, someone wants to watch a movie that has been missing for months now and if you don't look for it then someone is screaming, someone wants to play on the computer, someone won't leave someone alone while they play on the computer, and on and on and on and on... Is it any wonder I ended up in an ambulance without any recollection as to how?
The thing is, most parents can handle that. Most parents can put everything they feel aside and still be SuperMom or SuperDad to their kids. I wish I could, but I just can't. With my body system being what it is, when I get sick, I get REALLY sick to the point of not being able to function. My wife is one of those people and she did an amazing job the last couple of weeks and I can't thank her enough for it. I really wish I could be one of those people like my wife is and be able to set aside my illness and still take care of the kids. It makes me feel weak that I can't, but at least I have her and supporting parents(they helped by taking the kids while I was hospitalized.) The thing is, HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DID I GET MONO??? I hardly ever leave my house and only deal with kids here!
How do you do it?
I'd be really interested in any tips or stories as to how you might handle being sick and still taking care of your kids. Please drop me a comment and perhaps some advise on better coping with this sort of thing. Thanks and I hope you don't get what I've had. I've heard mono is very contagious, but I don't think you'll get it by reading my blog!  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To go pro, or not to go pro!

I'm back! For now.
First of all I am actually feeling really good the last couple of days, so I thought it was time to get back in the old computer chair and start banging out amazing, awesome, cool, mostly important only to me, blogs. So, I'm going to talk to you about a topic that has been on my mind a bit today.
As most of you know, Duke basketball is not very far down on the list of things I love in life. I am a little obsessed to say the least. Well, today one of Duke's best players announced that he was leaving school after his freshman season to enter the NBA. At first I was REALLY upset by this because it makes next year's team a bit weaker. If Kyrie Irving were to stick around at least one more year, Duke could be considered a favorite to win the national championship, making me a very happy guy. And, let's face it, that's really what it's all about. So, because he's leaving, I'm upset.
Being a parent changes my outlook.
For years now I have always disliked the idea of guys leaving school early to enter the ranks of professional sports. I have always liked the idea of a guy(or girl actually) sticking around for four years, earning a degree, and growing as an athlete and a person. I always thought that the pros are always going to be there, what's the rush? Well, if you follow Duke basketball you know that Kyrie Irving missed all but 11 games this year because of a toe injury. He was dynamic when he played, making Duke a team many thought could go undefeated for the season. After his injury in the eighth game of the season, everything changed for Duke. Kyrie came back for the last three games, but it just wasn't the same. Many felt that he came back too early from his injury, risking his chance at being drafted this year. As a Duke fan, I wanted him back to help my team have a better chance at another championship. Now I think about it, and my opinion changes. I say good for him. If I were his father, I'd tell him to go to the pros and get paid as soon as he can. If my son or daughter is good enough to play professionally at any sport, I'm not going to rush them, but if there is a chance to make a career out of it, do it now. Irving's injury this year showed just how fragile the opportunity we all hold in life is. What if he came back to Duke, reinjured his toe, and never made it to the NBA? Yes, there are insurance policies to protect him, but that's not the same. Kyrie has the chance to make MILLIONS this year, and he is smart not to pass that up. Most people go to college in order to get a good job right? Well, what if your kid went to college to be an accountant and after his/her second year, the biggest accounting firm in the state offered a HIGHLY paying position that was very secure? What's the point of those other two years of college really? There is no guarantee that the job will be there after two more years in college, grab the opportunity while it's in front of you I say.
A TV show makes my point!
   That's right, I'm going to point out Doogie Howser M.D.! Just because Doogie was a kid didn't make him any less qualified to be a doctor! I know you laugh at this example, but it's the truth. If my kid is brilliant and can go to college and medical school when they should be in junior high, who am I to hold them back. That's the same for Kyrie Irving's parents. Just because he's only completed one year of college doesn't mean he's not qualified to play in the NBA! So, I say, good for you Kyrie!
You just broke my heart that's all!