Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watching them grow.

I'm amazed!
Recently we went and had family pictures taken, and they turned out amazing! My wife was able to make copies of pictures from the disc we were given and had one of them up on the fridge, and I was admiring it today. It happened to be right next to an informal family picture taken a little over two years ago, and I was floored by the change in our family. Denny was just a baby then, and Sydney was still in diapers. I just can't get over the change in my kids. I mean, I know kids are going to grow and get bigger, but it just made me shake my head. It also really made me realize something. I realized just how much I am enjoying watching them grow up.
I realize just how lucky I am, and I've stated that many times in my blog, but to see just how beautiful both of my children are, as well as my wife, made me really count my blessings. Both of my kids are healthy and happy and that's all I ever want from life anymore, so I feel like a lucky man in that respect. I just know that if anything serious ever comes up, I'm going to have a REALLY hard time. I felt horrible a couple of weeks ago when my kids were sick with the flu, I can't imagine if something hard core was wrong with them. I read a blog from a lady whose little boy is going through some health issues, and I just feel so bad for her. Yes, I feel bad for the little boy, but I know how hard it must be for her. If you don't already follow "Mama Still Wears Gucci" you can read her blog here. She's a really good writer, and usually quite funny. My heart goes out to her, and it makes me realize that much more how lucky I am.
Back to my amazement!
  The other thing that makes my jaw drop is how fast these kids are learning. When Sydney started school in September, she could kind of write her name recognizable. Now, she writes her first and last name like a pro. Sure her handwriting isn't perfect yet, but it's still awesome that she can do what she can. And Denny, wow! He's actually behind in his development but I think that's my fault. He turns three in about two weeks and he doesn't really talk yet and isn't potty trained fully. The thing is, over the last two weeks I've watched him grow in both areas so much. He is putting two words together finally, and he's telling me when he needs to go poop! My wife and I keep telling each other, "He's getting there." It's just amazing to see that development happen in front of me. I am so happy that I get to watch these things happen. Maybe I wouldn't get to see it as much, or as clearly, if I wasn't a SAHD, so that's one more reason to be happy I stay at home! (Another is that I get to sneak in some golf on Xbox most days, but we won't mention that here!)
Enough already!
Ok, I've gushed about how great my kids are and how lucky I am enough now. I'll just say this while we were having our family pictures taken, in the shot below this paragraph, I have never felt so much pride in my entire life. I am proud to be Stacy's husband, and I am proud to be the father to my kids. I know I'm not perfect, but I wish there were more men out there who felt the same. 
Seriously, am I the luckiest man alive or what? I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough!


  1. Beautiful kids. Beautiful Family.
    Your Friend, m.
    And yes, they do grow fast.

  2. Thank you so much Mark! I love your comments.