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Sydney & Denny
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I HATE the word "can't!!!"

My daughter says it all the time!
As the title of this post says, I HATE the word "can't." That's not to say that I haven't used the word, often, in my life. I have used the word as a cop out as to why I haven't done this or that in my life. I've put it in my mind that I "can't" do this or "can't" do that because of whatever circumstances I've decided that made whatever I was referring to impossible. I think it's fair to say most, if not all, people have used the word "can't" at some point in their life. I however, have used the word WAY more than necessary in my life. I've used physical reasons as to why I can't do things. I've used financial reasons as to why I can't do things. I've used lack of desire as a reason to use the word. You name it, I've used it as a reason to say "can't" and give up. And, now what really bothers me, is my little girl says the damn word ALL THE TIME!

Living through them.
I'll admit it, I want to live vicariously(good thing there is spell check because I'd have no chance to spell that word.) through my children. I don't mean that I want my kids to like the same things as I do(maybe a little) and do all the activities that I have. I don't want my son to play sports just because I did, and the same for my little girl. I want them to find things they love doing, and give their all at those things. Be it, school, sports, farming, dancing, music, underwater basket weaving, whatever they choose. But yes, I want to live through them. I want them to do what I never did. I want them to realize that the old saying "where there's a will, there's a way" is actually true. I want them to not make the same mistakes I have made. I want them to realize that if you really want something, you can make it happen with the right attitude and effort.
That is why when my daughter says "I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" it drives me bananas! Even when it's only about tying her shoe, or opening a package of gummies, or finishing a homework assignment(yes she gets homework even in pre-k!) I have been trying like heck to get that word out of her vocabulary right now! My thoughts are, if I can get her to stop using the word now, as she gets older she will have no use for the word. She will realize that anything is possible. 
She gets so darned frustrated sometimes, and that really frustrates me. She will be attempting to do something such as tying her shoe, and will be having a problem with it because she is just a little girl and sometimes little girls have problems tying  shoes. She will get so upset and yell that she can't do it. I have to remind her that the word "can't" is not to be used and that she just needs to take her time and think about what she's doing and then she will be able to do it. Ultimately she gets the shoe tied, or the package opened, or the Barbie dressed. So, I guess my approach on this is working. 
I think it's working because I'm like the WORLD'S GREATEST DAD!!! What do you think??? Maybe the reality is that I'm the WORLD'S MOST DELUSIONAL DAD!!! But that's okay as long as my kids learn they can do whatever they set their minds to! 

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