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Sydney & Denny
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Tree!

How long does it stay up?
I've been thinking about this for a few days, and I've wondered what the protocol is. My wife is in charge of the Christmas tree in our house, and her attitude towards it changes based on when it is in the month of December. Usually, when we get home from Thanksgiving dinner she is ready to put that baby up. She gets all excited and wants to decorate the crap out of our house. I really have no problem with that, except there is just something inside me that thinks Christmas trees shouldn't be up until at least December 1st. Of course now we have kids, and their happiness is what matters most. Oh, and my wife's also!
Like I said though, Stacy is in charge of putting the tree up anyway so what do I care? I help as much as I'm allowed to, but really that's not much other than putting my favorite ornaments on the tree. I get to lift the kids(as much as I physically can anymore at least) up to put stuff towards the top. I get to give my opinion on where the tree should be each year. And then I get told how my opinion of where the tree goes is the wrong opinion. So, I just let her do her thing and stay out of her way. Usually no later than December 1st the tree goes up and always looks amazing.
So, as we all know, Christmas eventually rolls around. The tree has been up for a while and this year we have had to get after the boy to LEAVE THE DAMN ORNAMENTS ON THE TREE!!! I can't wait until next year when he's a year taller and can get to everything on the tree! Should be fun. Anyway, Christmas comes and goes just like it does every year, and usually about 9pm on Christmas night Stacy is "over" the tree being up. Again, it doesn't really matter much to me because Stacy does most(all) of the work taking it down. I think that trees should come down soon after Christmas if my opinion matters. Unfortunately it doesn't. At least Stacy and I agree that you don't need to be those people that leave their Christmas trees up until February! Here we are less than two days until New Years, and as I drive along I see houses with trees still up and glowing in the windows. Now, I'm not a peeping tom looking into people's windows, I just notice things. I really think that trees should be down by now don't you? Christmas is over, let it go. I understand people who really love Christmas, because I am one of them, but come on. Take your tree down and enjoy the New Year!
What are your thoughts on this subject? Personally, we took ours down so our son would STOP MESSING WITH THE DAMN ORNAMENTS! What are your reasons for taking your tree down when you do? Do you still have yours up? Let me know if I'm the crazy guy.
Hope you have had a great Holiday season, and that you have your tree down! 


  1. Yes the trees should come down. BUT....because my mother agreed with her mother (Grandma Pombier) believed it was bad luck to take the Christmas tree down before the 1st of the new year. I'm to scared to take mine down till then. Family tradition or fear? I don't know anymore. Have a GREAT and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. The standard in most of the neighborhoods I've lived in is January 1st. We always take ours down the first week of January. The Christmas tree is a pagan tradition (it's evolved since the middle ages from branches and bushes into a full on tree in the house). The solstice celebration was 12 days long extending over the darkest days of the year. Greenery in the house was supposed bring hope for the coming spring. Thus, the tradition is not to put a tree in the house for a singular even, Christmas, it's to celebrate hope during the darkest days of the year. Thus, I don't adhere to Christmas being the focal point of the Christmas tree. Instead, I like the tree in the house because it makes the house feel warmer when it's so cold and dark outside. But, for those who have a tree just for Christmas, then yeah, I can see your point. I think the First week of January is perfectly acceptable.

  3. My tree came down 12/26. Keith is right, the first week of Jan is totally cool.