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Sydney & Denny
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The case of the missing Rudolph ornament!

Things seem to disappear in our house!
Today was a fun day! Stacy was off of work, and Sydney is now on Christmas break. So, we got to spend the entire day together as a family. We had a lot of fun, and actually everyone got to get a little rest. That extra rest should come in handy with Christmas coming up soon. I'm sure naps won't be tops on the priority list for the kids. So, all in all, a really good day. Except, something came up missing. I suspect that our house is a lot like many homes that contain children, and that often things disappear. Socks, shoes, hat, mittens, remote controls, cell phones, my keys, Denny, all things that come up missing in our house. And today was no different.
  The picture above is presented as evidence in the Case of the missing Rudolph ornament!
The timeline.
At approximately 10:30am this morning, Stacy noticed that our Rudolph ornament was not on the tree for some reason. The search commenced from there. We asked Denny if he had taken the ornament from the tree, and of course he denied it. Then later changed his story to "YES!" when he was asked a second time. I think he just likes saying "yes" though. So, he was asked where he put it, but he was not breaking. He refused to tell us what he had done with it. Or, he was just not capable of telling us, it doesn't really matter because we were getting nowhere in our search. So, I decided that maybe Denny wasn't our ONLY suspect in the case. I compiled a photo list of our two most likely suspects. They are:
   This crazy guy. Denny! You can just tell by looking at him that he is always up to something. Plus, he's trying to hide in a box!
This hyper little dog! He's always chewing on things he's not supposed to. I suspect that they may have worked in tandem, or separately on the same crime. I believe that it is possible for Denny to have removed said ornament and then in his two year old haste, dropped it. At that point it is possible that Rocket picked it up and chewed it "all to Hell." That is just my first theory and the one I'm working off of.

The break we needed!
I was having a hard time during our search for a couple of reasons. First, my morning stiffness from whatever it is that I have going on(RA or something else that hurts a lot,) had not worn off yet. Secondly, because Sydney would not stop whining and crying about Rudolph being her favorite ornament ever. And, "I love that Rudolph, how could Denny do this to my life?" I was getting more frustrated with this case by the minute. I kicked some thoughts around in my head to no avail. I had folded a load of clothes during the day yesterday and had left them in the basket in our living room so I thought maybe Denny had put Rudolph in there. Then I remembered that I had folded the clothes after the kids had went to bed. So, I was taking a break. I needed to put my contacts in any way. Once up stairs I thought I'd give a quick look just to be on the safe side. Under the beds? Nope. In the bathroom? Nope. Under the dressers? Nope. Where could Rudolph be? If only he would flash his red nose and lead me to him. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had folded a different set of clothes earlier in the day and that basket also sat in the living room for a while yesterday. (Yes, I often will do all of our laundry and leave it in baskets rather than actually putting it away like I should. Stop judging me!) I took a peek into that basket that was sitting on the hope chest in our room, and there it was. Rudolph had been found! Along with two other ornaments that we didn't even know were missing. But, the other ornaments were not the point. I was going to be a hero to Sydney!!! I took Rudolph down and gave him to her and you should have seen the smile. It was like I had found the actual Rudolph for her. About ten minutes later she came up to me out of nowhere and gave me a huge hug and said "Thank you for finding my Rudolph Daddy." That's one heck of a way to get Christmas rolling if you ask me.
I'm a regular Encyclopedia Brown or something!
I should have been a detective or a Hardy Boy or something because the way I thought this case through, I've got skills. Now if I could just find the wallet I lost this past summer!  


  1. You're a regular gumshoe! :-) But, the question is, who was the culprit? Did you and your wife play good cop/bad cop? I think some interrogation is in order. Maybe a written (if coercion is necessary, so be it!) confession. LOL

  2. The laundry is where we find things too.. If I'm walking past something and I know it doesn't belong there or it's small my baby can get, I put it in my pocket. It usually stays there because I have A.D.D.

  3. I'm putting my money the dog ate it, give it a few days and if unwrapping presents aren't fun enough you can dig around fido's poo and see if your theory is true.

  4. My daughter is on a mystery kick of late. Also, seems to like setting traps. So if you ever need to outsource your detective work. Best wishes and have a great Christmas. I hope it's filled with much joy.

  5. Ed, sorry for the delay in my response to your comment. I'll keep your little girl in mind when it comes to detective work. There is always something that comes up missing around here. Today it was my son's toy Woody's hat. From Toy Story. He loves Woody, and that darn hat always seems to come up missing.

  6. Update on the missing ornament. It was found that day in the basket of clothes. Denny had put it there for some reason, and it's actually a good thing. If he had dropped it on the floor, we would have had to pitch it out because the dog would have chewed the red nose right off of it!