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Sydney & Denny
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The changing of my hair!

It's not what you're thinking!
So, the color of my hair has changed over the last couple of years, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Now I know you're probably thinking I'm going to tell you about how I've found gray hairs popping up. That's not where I'm going with this though. My hair has turned black! Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of gray hair to go along with this new hair color, but who has their hair turn black? I mean really, black hair? If you notice the picture of my wife and I on our wedding day here on my blog, you will notice that I had a reddish/blondish/brownish type of hair color. It's not even close to that now. 
I wear my hair in a buzz cut now.
I used to have this really cool(Hey it's my hair and my definition of cool, so back off) wispy type of hair cut. I thought it looked really good. My wife even wishes I would grow it back out to that style. I just can't though. For the last five year or so, I've had Stacy buzz my hair. It's just easier for me. I can wear a stocking hat and not mess up my hair. I can get out of the shower and it's already looking like it's going to look for the entire day. It is the best hair cut in the whole world! Well, after a while of her cutting my hair, we started to notice that my hair was getting darker. I don't have any close up pictures that I can post that will show you just how dark it's gotten, but take my word for it, it's BLACK! I'm afraid that if I grew it back out, I would look like a Dufus. I'm so fair complected that black hair would just look weird. Well, that leads me to where I'm really going with this little blog post of mine.
I was hoping to avoid this.
I was really hoping I'd be one of those guys who avoided gray hair. It seems as though I am not that lucky though. I think nature has played a cruel joke on me with this black hair thing. Now that I am getting gray hairs, they REALLY show up in the black. With my old hair color, it seems to me that gray would blend in a little bit more. But NO, when a person has black hair and it starts to turn gray, it's called Salt-and-Pepper. I don't want Salt-and-Pepper in my food, yet alone my hair. (Actually salt and pepper are pretty good on food, so that's okay.) My hair is really turning gray along the sides above my temples. I think I look like that dude for the Sopranos! You know, this guy.

Yeah, he's got that gray thing going on down both sides of his head as well. It's great! My wife tells me that I don't, but I do. That's the main reason I keep my hair buzzed at this point. I don't want to look like that guy does!
So, I've done some checking and apparently stress can help to cause gray hair, but is not the main cause. The main cause seems to be heredity. So, instead of blaming my kids for stressing me out with some of their antics, I can probably blame my dad! Sure, he stresses me out, but if I remember correctly, I'm following the same path he did. His hair turned black, and then now he has grayish hair. Well, this gray crap didn't really start until I really became a SAHD, so I am going to blame the kids! Now I can have something to hold over both of the generations that are closest to me. When I talk to my dad, I can blame him. And, when I am with my kids, I can tell them "Look at what you kids have done to your Dad's hair!" 
The only problem is, I'm noticing gray in my goatee as well. I always said that if that turned gray, it would come off. I've worn the goatee for about 14 years now. I've shaved it a couple of times just for fun, and my wife hates the way I look without it. Now I have real problems huh?
Okay, I'm sorry I went on and on about this when it's really not a topic for SAHD blogs, but I just had to vent. I liked the color of my hair, and now it's changed. It's BS!
Anyone else have their hair change color? Let me know and we can compare notes. Have a great weekend!    

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