Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We had a third child today.

It was like my kids had never seen a baby before.
Today a coworker of my wife's called and asked if she could babysit for her little girl. Since Stacy was off work today, we said fine. The little girl was one year old. Today! It was her first birthday. I felt really bad that her mom had to work on her first birthday, so we tried to make it a really good day for her. But, my kids kind of scared the crap out of the poor little girl. They were both right up on top of her all day. I mean RIGHT UP ON TOP OF HER!!! Denny kept saying "Baby, Baby, Baby." He was so excited to see the baby. At least he's kind of talking now right? Sydney was trying so hard to be a good helper, and for the most part she was, but she was a little over the top as well. It really was like they had never seen a baby before. I think they were really excited about having someone else in the house, but WOW!
I'm at my limit!
Well, we had this little girl here, and it really made me absolutely, positively sure that I do not want anymore kids. The little girl didn't do anything to cause that. It's just that I realized that two is my limit in kids I can take care of at once. I don't know how those of you who have three or more do it. At least Stacy was home to help. In fact, she did most of the "work" when it came to the baby. The little girl wouldn't let Stacy put her down most of the day. We kind of figured out that she was scared of Denny. I mean when she screamed anytime he came near her was our first clue. I know he was just trying to enjoy the baby, but he was particularly crazy today. Like I said though, it made me know that I can't handle more than what I have now. Denny is such a handful that for us that adding a third child into the mix would be disastrous. Plus, Denny as the proverbial middle child? No thank you. So, this was a good thing today. The kids got to have another kid around to drive crazy. I got to get to that place where I'm 100% sure I'm done with making babies. Plus, Stacy even told me that while she really enjoyed having a baby in her arms, she was sure she didn't want anymore as well. Just seeing how our kids reacted was enough. Now, I know if we had one of our own, the excitement would wear off, but...
Never try to predict what our kids will do.
I learned something recently. My kids are so unpredictable. Just when I think I have them figured out, they surprise me. When I think they will be hard to handle in a public setting, they act like perfect children. When I think they will be hungry, they turn up their noses at any food. When I think they will be tired, they run nonstop until they finally drop. I just don't know what to think sometimes. I think that's what is so great about being a parent. Not knowing what will come next. It also scares the living crap right out of me! What are they going to be like as teenagers? Holy crap! I think I know what their personalities are going to be like, but like I said, I should never try to predict what they will do. It should be fun.
I mentioned in a recent post that I have some family issues going on. Well, I just want to say that I'm not going to say anything else about it here except that I hate that it has happened the way that it has. It's been really hard for a while now, and it's only going to get worse. I really feel bad that things have gotten to this point, and while I feel as if I've done nothing wrong in this situation, I realize it takes two parties to have a disagreement. Someday I hope to fill you in that everything has been resolved and the family situation is good again. And, I'd like to thank all of you who have commented on the situation. Your advise is greatly appreciated.
With that, I'm done for the day. I hope you have another great day!


  1. it actually has gotten easier with each new kid in our house. My son doesn't count because he was ten when my daughter was born. THAT was tough for me being MY first baby. but two years later her brother was born, that was tough too. Still relatively new at this but didn't know how to juggle. Then came four and five..

    It's actually a breeze.

  2. I've wanted more kids for a while, but my wife says "No way!" I guess that puts an end to the discussion. :-) And, yes, kids are surprising as hell. Every week it's some new problem, just as you get over the last. Or, conversely, every week is a new discovery. Same thing, right. LOL!

  3. Keith, I think you're crazy for wanting more, but everyone has their own ideas. I used to think I always wanted three, but now after having two, I just don't know how I could deal with three. It's not that I couldn't, it's just that I love the two that I have so much, I'm not sure I have enough love for another one. I guess if an "oops" showed up, I would find a way, and happily so.

  4. Eric, you might be my hero for saying it's a breeze. Just don't become the Duggars or something crazy like that!