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Sydney & Denny
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things I want to do before the world ends today!

OMG, Is this really happening?
I've heard A LOT  of stuff the last couple of days about the world ending, and it really upsets me. There are so many things I want to do before the world ends, mostly just to say I've done it, but some of them are because I really WANT to. I've read a few articles on this here Internet thing that says there is supposed to be an earthquake around noon est. That gives me a little over two and a half hours to do the following.

1. Graduate from college with my BA.
    I'm only about a semester and a half away, so two hours should give me enough time to get it done.
2. Do some sort of workout.
    That way in whatever sort of afterlife that there is, I can say I was trying to get into shape when it all ended.
3. Learn to play an instrument.
    I have no knowledge how to play anything musical, and it would be nice to know how to play one.
4. Find out what the heck the creators of "Lost" were thinking with that ending!
    I mean really? What the heck was that whole thing about? I think they could have come up with better!
5. Get my son to stop pooping in his pants!!!
    He REFUSES to poop in the toilet, and I'm tired of changing a 3 year old's poopy pants!
6. Write a "Star Wars" movie that takes place between "Revenge of the Sith" and "Star Wars: A New Hope." 
     I think it would be a perfect place to introduce some characters(Han Solo as a kid) who were only in the original trilogy. There is so much story there that could be told, and I think I'm the perfect person to tell it!
7. Finish cleaning out our basement.
    I've been putting off cleaning it for way too long now!
8. Finish reading the three books that I'm currently reading.
    Not sure why I'm reading three at once, but I think this is self explanatory.
9. Take a nap!
    Well, I like naps, and I'm kind of tired right now, so...
10. Spend the final few minutes we have on Earth with my family.
      Again, kind of self explanatory. My family is more important to me than anything in the world, and if this is our last day alive, I want to go out looking at, and holding them.
11. Start writing my blog daily again.
      I really enjoy writing this, and lets face it, you REALLY enjoy reading my stuff!

The end is near!
With that, I wish you all good luck on this last day on Earth. Oh, that's right, today is only the beginning of the end of the world. We still have five months of natural disasters to live through before God ends it all. Also, I guess for all of this to happen you have to believe some guy who owns a lot of radio stations and has just generated a lot of PR for his company. 
I'll see you all tomorrow!

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