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Sydney & Denny
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Friday, November 11, 2011


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN SIX YEARS!So Wednesday was my little girl's sixth birthday! Where in the heck does the time go anyway? I can think back to that day six years ago when she was born and it really does seem like just yesterday. I'll always remember the nervousness I felt that day. I had known my wife was pregnant for basically nine months, so I knew I was going to be a father, but that day that she was born, man it really became REAL! She was about two and a half weeks early and was born by c-section because she was sitting in there breech.  I'll always remember the anxiety I felt when the doctors made me wait outside the operating room while they administered the spinal block to my wife. They had told me it would be about 15 minutes and they would come get me. Well, about 25 minutes later I still sat there by myself. FREAKING OUT! At that point, everything that could go wrong was going through my mind. Turns out, they just forgot about me! My wife had to remind them to go get me, and that's just sad. I guess people are used to women having babies by themselves, and those that didn't know the patient well enough just assumed I didn't exist.
Well, it wasn't long and they held up a beautiful 8lb. 10oz. little girl for us to see! Literally at that moment life changed!  It wasn't long and I was in another room with Sydney in the warmer, while they stitched up my wife, that she grabbed my finger in her little hand. I was trying to talk to the little girl but it was unintelligible to even a newborn due to the sobbing! I was a DADDY!!!
It was then that I became the most torn person in the world. My wife had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia and got so sick. She couldn't stop vomiting and to this day has no recollection of holding her first born child for the first time. I didn't know what to do, be with my new baby(who also had some issues and stopped breathing when I fed her the first time) or my sick wife. Obviously, everything worked out okay and now I have this amazing little girl:
So we celebrated her birthday in the proper way, food, cake and ice cream, friends and family, and presents! She got all the stuff she asked for including:
Yep, she's spoiled! 
  A while back she had a loose tooth that needed to come out, and she's a Drama Queen when it comes to ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HURT! She was freaking out and I promised her a puppy if she let us pull the tooth out. Well, she let us and now she has her puppy! I had to get her one since she went ahead and let up pull the tooth, and I felt like that wasn't something I could go back on my word with, hence the puppy!
So now I have two dogs in the house!!! What was I thinking??? She named the little guy Rider after the main male character in "Tangled." It's her current favorite movie.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my little story, and feel sorry for me. I want your pity because I'm so wrapped around that little girl's finger, I have NO chance!


  1. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little girl!
    You can stop at two dogs though. Believe me!

  2. Happy Birthday! Be careful about promising stuff. People will think you board animals for a living.