Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When I was young...

                                         I had tried to cut my own hair!
                                                               What a dufus huh???

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away!
When I was young I used to go outside without an agenda, and always find something to do. Today, kids have to have planned activities or else they stand around like statues.

When I was young I did exactly what my parents said, or I paid the price. Today, kids have no sense of discipline and go so far as to question their parents.

When I was young I could run all day long really fast without getting tired. Today, can't even go fast asleep yet alone running!

When I was young Saturday morning cartoons were AWESOME! Today, not so much.

When I was young I would dream about someday becoming a high school teacher and coach. Today, I still do the same thing.

When I was young I could play golf all day while walking the course. Today, I have a hard time getting through 18 holes riding in a cart without being exhausted.

When I was young the world was still huge. Today, I can talk to anyone anywhere in the world due to this internet thing.

When I was young things were simple. Today, things are so hard. And, I'm not talking about just me. I'm talking about the entire world. It's hard to get by anymore for all of us.

                                                         This is me and not my son today!

When I was young I used to think it would be so cool to be a grown-up and be able to make all the decisions. Today, I think it would be so cool to be a kid and not have to decide anything. Ever!

When I was young athletes and Hollywood stars seemed so great. Today, all I see is overpaid, whyney, spoiled brats. Great role models for today's youth huh?

When I was young high school kids seemed so old and wise. Today, high school kids seem like babies although they are way more intelligent than my age group was as high school kids.

When I was young my health was never an issue, for the most part. Today, I think about my health EVERY day.

When I was young 30 was ancient. Today, 30 would be a good age to go BACK to!

When I was young I thought "Star Wars" was possible. Today, well maybe it is how do we really know???

When I was young I thought that someday I would be the coolest Dad ever. Today, I don't care about being cool, only keeping my kids happy, healthy and safe.

When I was young newspapers were actually paper. Today, it's just foolish to spend $1 every day on the paper when you can hop on the internet and read every paper in the world. Even though I still love the feel of the paper in my hands.

When I was young I was sure I would play pro football or pro baseball some day. If not both. Today, I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I'm short, white and not that athletic. And that was in my prime!

When I was young I thought my dad was literally Superman. Today, I worry that he's going to be gone too soon.

When I was young a hug from either of my Grandmothers was heartwarming. Today, I miss them both dearly.

When I was young my whole life rode on how the teams I root for did in their latest game. Today, well not my whole life at least. I do have kids and a wife that mean more to me.

When I was young I thought that if a Dad stayed home all the time with his kids there must be something wrong with him. Today, well I guess I was wrong huh?

                                                         Notice the shirt says "All-Stars."


  1. I feel a lot of the same sentiments. I liked your Star Wars thought... it shows that you still have a little kid in you!

    I too miss my grandparents... OFTEN.

    Great post Denny!

  2. Oh, and I liked how you tied in the photos of yourself as a kid!

  3. When I was young every job anybody had seemed really important.

    Now, after having many jobs myself, I wonder why so many jobs actually exist.