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Sydney & Denny
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Friday, February 4, 2011

103 is the new 100!!!

Okay, everyone I have an announcement! This is my 103 blog post! Apparently I don't pay close enough attention, and I missed when my 100th post happened. I feel that 100 blog posts is a pretty memorable thing don't you? It means I actually am a blogger in my mind. 
With that in mind, I thought I would remember and list all the other most memorable days in my life. It might not mean a whole lot to you, but it does to me. These are the days that define who I am, and why I write what I do. So here goes.

December 1, 1991.
This was the day that I first started showing symptoms of ulcerative colitis. This illness went on to define who I am today. I have allowed myself to be held back to this day because I had this illness. It was a rough time in my life, but I survived, and I'm here to annoy you! 

May 8, 1996.
As you will see soon, this date is pretty big in my life. But for this particular instance, it was when I had a surgery called  Proctocolectomy with Ileoanal Pouch. This surgery basically removed my large intestine and eliminated ulcerative colitis for me. It was a horrible night prior, one of the worst of my life. I couldn't sleep, I had a huge migraine headache, I was so nervous. Then I broke down the morning of surgery with my mom and cried because I knew I was not going to have to deal with this condition that made things so difficult for me. It was very emotional for me. This surgery was a two part procedure and I had to return to The Cleveland Clinic in August to have the second part done, but this was the big day. 

May 5, 2003.
This is the date of the first email that I sent to Stacy through This was the smartest, most opportunistic email I have ever sent. I was very fortunate that she even read it, and continued to communicate with me over the internet. 

May 23, 2003.
This is the day that I drove from Springport, MI. to Toledo, OH. in order to meet Stacy in person for the very first time.  If you have read any of my past blog posts, you will know that it was love at first type and that we knew we were in love even before we ever laid eyes on each other. This day was so amazing, and I'll never forget how Stacy looked as she walked out of her apartment to greet me. I never went home as Stacy and I were engaged less than a month later. That leads me to...

May 8, 2004.
That's right, May 8th has popped up again! This was the day that the union between Stacy and I was made legal! We were married in Toledo and to this day I feel lucky that Stacy married me. Out of all the men in the world, she chose me!!! 

 I mean look at me, I'm not exactly up for People's Sexiest Man Alive Award!!! Just a lucky, overweight, dufus of a guy! 

November 9, 2005.
This is the day that I became qualified to write this blog. In order to be a SAHD, you have to be a D. This was when Sydney was born. I will never forget the feeling of excitement, and dread that I had. I was so excited to have a little girl, but I was so afraid because I realized that I had someone else to think about from now on. Yes, being married to someone means not always thinking about yourself, but as all parents know, when you become a parent, the world changes.

  And when the little girl is this amazing, well as I've said, I'm pretty lucky!

May 11, 2008.
Early May seems to be a pretty big time of the year for me huh? Well, this is the day parenting actually got hard. This was when our second kid was born, and I had my boy! Denny came along and weighed in at 11lbs 5oz.! That's right, he was huge, and he's still a big boy. He's an absolute tank! And, he's a handful to say the least. If you have read my past stuff, you know how frustrated I get with this little boy sometimes. But, you will also see just how much I love this little trouble maker.

Plus, when you can put him to work clearing the snow at 2 years old, I've got it made!

What's next?
Well, those are the days that have shaped me into who I am. I'm just wondering what the big days that stick out to me will be in the future. Will it be when I graduate from college finally? Will it be when I finally hit the lottery? Will it be when my kids graduate from college, or get married, or horrify me and make me a grandfather? Will it be when Stacy and I hit 50 years, all though I doubt I'll be able to live that long. And that's just because I'm afraid Stacy will stop being able to put up with my sorry butt, and she finally takes me out back and shoots me!
So, what are your big days? Did they shape you as a person as much as my days have me? I would love to hear from you, so please let's talk!


  1. All very memorable, indeed! 103 is a big accomplishment! Congratulations. When I started, that was the goal I put for myself to feel like I had made a lot of progress. It does feel good, doesn't it. :-)

  2. CONGRATS on the 103 milestone!! (or is that 100... eh, either way!)

    Great post!

    Yeah, I too have some memorable milestones in my life too... Most are very similar to yours... Surrounding wife and children.

    Meeting, married, first house, birth of children, etc, etc...

  3. It's awesome that you have kept this so detailed. So many guys have no clue of any of this. Good for you!

  4. Oh wow congrats on becoming an official blogger (you already were in our eyes). And May is a fantastic month to have so many happy memories. My birthday is actually May 23rd. I'm sorry to see how much pain and struggle you went through but well done for coming out the other side :-) x