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Sydney & Denny
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Monday, January 31, 2011

More Random Thoughts!

Sometimes I get random weird thoughts, and I have to tell you!
1. Why did soft drink companies get rid of glass bottles? I mean beer companies didn't, so what gives?
2. Why are all customer service numbers automated anymore? Wouldn't it seem that companies could see how much we HATE that, and put people there to answer phones, just so they would get good reviews? Plus, it would probably create jobs. I'm just saying.
3. For some reason, my 5 year old daughter can't figure out how to sneeze! Whenever she sneezes, she gets snot all over her face. I know that's a disgusting image, but it's worse in person. Most people don't do that right?
4. I prognosticate a lot for some reason.
5. Why did it take so long for someone(Reese's) to think that peanut butter and chocolate would be pretty good together? It's fantastic if you ask me.
6. Why haven't we gone back to the moon? I'm not one of those big conspiracy theorists, but really why only once?
7. Why do young people today think it's cool to show everyone else their underwear sticking out of their pants? I mean some of these guys might just as well not have jeans on. Don't get me wrong, it's kind of hot when a nice looking woman has her thong sticking out of her jeans, not that I notice or anything. I love you Stacy!
8. Why is medical insurance such a hard issue for us to solve?
9. I've had a major illness(Ulcerative Colitis) that caused me to have to have my colon removed, and now it's causing this latest chronic illness for me, but there are some people out there who have it so much worse than me. Cancer is a horrible disease and I hope and pray it never touches my family(or yours) again.
10. I HATE when my favorite teams lose. Unfortunately, as a Detroit Lions fan, that happens quite often.
11. Spell check is an awesome feature!
12. I worry every second of every single day that something horrible is going to happen to my kids. It's why I kiss and hug on them so much.
13. I should pay more attention to political elections.
14. How is it that when my family and I need the money the most, the state "randomly" selects our refund to re-check?
15. Why in the Blue Hell would anyone EVER start smoking? With all that we know about it, doesn't it seem like you would have to be a complete nimrod to start? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of smart people who smoke, but to me that's just a horrible choice.
16. Again, I'm REALLY afraid of aliens. And with all of the shows and movies about Earth being invaded by aliens, I almost feel like someone is trying to tell us something. If it ever happens, don't look for me anywhere. I'll be hiding in my basement in the fetal position sucking my thumb. I know that's not really defending my family at all, but really what am I going to do against a life form that found a way to travel light years here and came with a purpose???
17. I've had a lot of favorite TV shows come to an end with major finale episodes, and none of them have really satisfied me. The more I thought about it, Lost really kind of let me down.
18. Why is it so easy to get out of shape, but so damn hard to get back into shape?
19. I think Tom Hanks is the greatest actor of my generation. Maybe of all time! And his son looks and sounds just like him.
20. I was just thinking the other day that I can't wait until all the snow melts. Now, we have a storm coming that's going to dump 10-15" on us. UGGH!
21. I wonder if anyone thinks I'm "witty" with these random thoughts?
22. I think Papa K is really funny!
23. I think Keith Wilcox is pretty damn smart, and one of the best writers in blog world!
24. I'm afraid my son will never meet a girl. I know he's only 2, but he has "Huge Dork" written all over him. I love him so much though.
25. Does anyone like my random thoughts, because if not, I should just stop doing this right? Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Everybody worries about their kids, you are not alone. And guess what, when they're 60 you'll still be doing it. Or so my nanny tells me.

  2. LOST didn't "kinda" let you down. It TOTALLY let you down. I put in some good years of defending that show and telling everyone to "wait for it, wait for it..." and then nothing! And then they go and terminate Terminator. I was so sad. Please don't touch V! I know, you're afraid of Aliens. Man-up! m.

  3. Medical coverage is so hard to solve because some people see it as a human right and others see it as a business. The truth is that it's both. Also, people are generally stupid so you should never underestimate their ability to screw up your life. :-) Thanks for the mention!

  4. Mark, you're sure right about LOST. I thought for sure they were leading us up to some amazing ending, but it just kind of faded away. I never got into Terminator the TV show, but I LOVED the movies(even the crappy third one.)Don't worry about me being afraid of aliens. I love movies and shows about them. I consider "Signs" one of my favorites of all time. I also really like the new "V" and I hope they keep it going. If you like that, look up a new show coming out in June on TBS(or TNT, I'm not sure) called "Fallen Skies." It looks awesome!

  5. #6 - They're doing a documentary on the first visit. There was some weird stuff with an alien robot race crash site that scared them away. You should check it out. Highly educational.