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Sydney & Denny
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Owning a Dog!

The most spoiled dog in the world!!!
The picture above is pretty much the epitome of what I deal with EVERY day from "our" dog. Basically I get the impression from Rocket(yes we named our dog after the University of Toledo's mascot) that we exist to serve him. As you can see from the look on his face, he was quite annoyed that someone dared to disturb his nap(only probably his fourth or fifth of the day mind you.) The really bad thing is, the picture was taken during the summer months, so over the last five or six months, he has gotten even more spoiled.
How did we even get a dog?
I REALLY had no inclination to get a dog when my wife sent me a picture of this dog, with the caption that he was "so laid back." Yeah right! He has part Chihuahua in him. How often do you find one of those laid back? Rocket isn't so laid back either. But, after my kids got involved in the badgering of Daddy, I had no choice but to give in, and now we have a family pet. We got him last March, so we were starting to get into the spring months. He didn't really have to deal with the snow and cold very much. Now we are going into his first real winter, and it's gotten bad. Being that he's a short haired dog, I can understand him being cold a lot. But, the biggest part of his spoildness is what he does at night.
That's right, he lays in bed between my wife and I like he's one of our children. If he's not on my pillow, he's down by my knees, again under the covers. I have NEVER known a dog to sleep under the covers, but Rocket does. Every night. And during every one of his many naps. He finds a blanket and gets under it. My wife wants to get him a sweater, but I refuse. I do not want to be that guy who has a dog that wears clothes. We have a hard enough time keeping our actual kids in clothes that fit that we don't have the time or resources to worry about keeping our dog in clothes. I'm sorry, we just don't! I know he's probably cold, but it leads me to my next point.
What purpose does he serve???
Rocket basically sleeps about 18-19 hours out of every day. He plays the other 5 or 6, but what he does best is act like a badass. That's right, he ACTS like a badass. Every single little noise he hears in another part of the house, or outside, he barks and runs to both the front and back doors like he's going to tear someone or something up. Of course when push comes to shove, and someone actually comes in the house, he pisses himself because he's so nervous. He basically hides behind me. So, he's really not much of a watch dog. If we happen to slip up and leave our door open a little, or if one of us drops the leash on accident, he runs away. I have to go chase him down, and I'm not talking a couple of yards, but once it was almost a mile. I have mentioned quite often that I'm not physically able to do much that is considered active. It hurts. A lot. So he's kind of a pain in the ass that way. It costs money to buy him food. And, he needs both dry and soft food. He needs special treats for when he goes out to use the bathroom. Those things are not cheap.  He basically drives me crazy!!! So why do we have a dog anyway?
Because he makes these three happy.
      If something ever happened to Rocket, it would devastate my family. And you want to know something else? It would break my heart as well. That little stinker has come in to our family and made himself as much a part of our family as any one of us. I have never been the type that thought pets were part of a family, but Rocket is like my third kid. It's really kinda funny when you think about it.
Do any of you have pets that have become family members? I'd love to hear about it!
Thanks and have a great night.


  1. Aw that's such a cute dog. Doo is terrified of dogs. Even Paris Hiltons dog Tinkerbell yes even puppies. So there is no chance of us getting a dog. I would love one though. Youngling enjoyes climbing all over his nan's King Spanial who doesnt seem to mind a jot. PolPol our cat sleeps under the covers with me when Doo works nights. It's reasurring and nice to have someone to snuggle up with especially in the winter :-) xx

  2. You've given me yet another reason why I do not and chances are likely I never will own a dog. I admire you for being able to have him in your bed, because there is NO WAY I could do that.

    Great family bro!

  3. I think dogs are great! But they sure do create a hassle. I've been wanting a dog since Mely and I got married. Unfortunately, we've never lived in an apartment (now condo) where we could have one. It might be better that way anyhow since I'd like to have some property at some point and have some dogs running around. They'd probably like that better than being confined in my little dwelling anyway. Right now we have a bunny. Mr. B is pretty awesome, but he's not as cool as a dog. I wouldn't be overly upset if he got "lost" :-)

  4. OMG! Rocket needs to meet my Murphy! they would get along perfectly. Murff also sleeps between my husband and I, UNDER THE COVERS!!! between my legs, behind my knees, under my chin...he really doesn't care where, as long as he's under the covers.

    and yes,
    we are only hear to serve our animals. DUH. ;)

  5. Beth, I have come to the conclusion that you're right. We ARE only here to serve the animals. It's really quite sad!
    Keith, I can't believe you have a bunny. My daughter has been begging me for a bunny for a while now, and that is one I will put my foot down on and say without a doubt no. I have heard they are really dirty as pets, is that true?
    ChopperPapa, keep up that resolve, no matter what!