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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Different World!

Not the "Cosby Show" spinoff!!!
So while I was on my way home from my doctors appointment on Friday(which was a colossal waste of time, but that's a story for another time) I was listening to the sports radio show "The Herd" hosted by Colin Cowherd. I often listen to sports radio when it's just me in the car. Being a sports freak it's like my drug of choice. What struck me during this show was a story about Gilbert Arenas a basketball player for the Orlando Magic. He used to play for the Washington Wizards, and his separation from his wife/girlfriend(I'm not sure, and it doesn't say in the article) of nine years was documented in an article in the Chicago Sun Times based on some documents obtained by the Washington Post that I put a link to here. Let me just say, I was floored by the money this guy spent. It's almost like he was using play money or something. If you read the article you will see what I mean.
My fantasy!
There are often times when things are slow in my life, or I'm just laying in bed unable to sleep that I'll fantasize about what I'd do if I ever hit the lottery. And lets be honest, winning the lottery is just about the only way I'll ever know what it's like to have crazy money. But, I often think about what it would be like to walk into a store and just buy anything I want. Or, to walk onto a BMW lot and drive off with a brand new vehicle that was paid for right then. Or, to write a check to my favorite charities for an obscene amount of money. Or my favorite, walk into a grocery store and find a family that you can tell is counting every penny that they spend and tell them to get whatever they want, it's on me. I think most people who don't have money at some point or another have a similar fantasy as me. I think we would all like to know what it's like to have that kind of purchasing power. That kind of power to do so much good(and maybe have a little fun along the way!) I've mentioned that it's one of my dreams to take my kids to Disney World, and if I had that kind of money, man would we ever do it up right. 
So, to see Mr. Arenas spending $5,000 a month to have his sharks fed is just kind of depressing for me. It depresses me because I don't spend that much in probably a year to feed my family! It depresses me because I'd like to know for just one day what it would be like to have that kind of money. It depresses me because I just know that five years after Mr. Arenas is done playing basketball, it will all be gone. There are too many stories of athletes going broke after they are done with their playing career because they no longer have the income to support the lifestyle they had developed. There was even an episode of "Real Sports" on HBO about this very topic. It's sad really.
So while Mr. Arenas buys his kids toys that cost more than the van I drive, and while I go to the grocery store and have to debate over weather I want to spend the extra .30 cents to buy the name brand item or go with the generic, and while I wonder if my van will run out of gas before the next payday comes along, I'll feel sorry for Mr. Arenas. Why would I ever feel sorry for someone with millions in the bank and a salary of $1.5million a MONTH??? Because of this: 

 Money can't buy happiness that is a family as beautiful as this one! So, I will continue to clip coupons and worry about money every day of the week. And, I will continue to fantasize about what it would be like to have crazy amounts of money and what I'd do with it. And, I will continue to look at my family and realize that there is no price on happiness. So, Mr. Arenas, eat your heart out!

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