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Sydney & Denny
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning!

Things I sometimes think about.
  1. Why is it that after my kids get sick, I get the same thing only worse?
  2. Why don't kids ever want to sleep? Do they know something that adults don't know?
  3. If I were a Jedi and had mastery over the Force, I would totally be on the Dark Side. I wouldn't do anything that would alert the world governments or anything like that. But, I'd have a lot of people empty their bank accounts for me. And, I would have seen a lot more naked women when I was single!
  4. Now that I'm older, when do I get all of this wisdom I keep hearing about?
  5. I'm REALLY afraid of aliens. Think about it, if aliens ever show up on Earth, you know they want something. Why else would they be here? I have to believe that if they can find a way to get all the way here, they must have the technology to annihilate us as well. Scary stuff!
  6. Why would anyone actually hate Duke Basketball? I mean the program is run the way a college basketball program should be.
  7. Why can kids watch the same movie a million times without getting tired of it?
  8. I think we are getting it stuck to us at the gas pump by the government and big oil companies. The price of gas went up 2 cents from yesterday. Why??? It's the same gas that was in the tank yesterday, why does it cost more today? Did they turn it into better gas? 
  9. I think I would make a great U.S. President.  Actually, I think I'd turn into a Dictator, and everyone would love me! I'd get rid of all the useless people!
  10. I really think they should give you an instruction manual right after your kid is born. It would make things a lot easier.
  11. I think time travel is possible. We will just have to wait until the future to see. Or maybe someone from the future will visit us and let us know that it's going to be really cool soon.
  12. I think the people who are scared because the Mayan calender ends next year, are off their rockers. That includes my sister!
  13. I think parenting doesn't get hard until you have your second child.
  14. I think it's crap that my kids will be "Good as gold" when they are with my parents, but monsters when they are with me.
  15. I hate that because I am a SAHD and now have some sort of chronic condition that prevents me from doing stuff, I feel lazy.
  16. Sore throats suck!!!
  17. I hate snow.
  18. Can anyone please tell me why all of the Reality TV shows are so popular?
  19. I think that DVR is the best invention. EVER!
  20. I think that I really love seeing a beautiful woman, but it's been a while since I seen one. I've been blinded by my wife's beauty. She is the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth, and no other woman compares.
  21. I still can't believe that Stacy married me, and made two amazing babies with me.
  22. I really believe that I'm destined to hit the lottery someday. That is if karma hasn't been used up on me already. I feel like I already hit the lottery of life. Have you seen pictures of my family? Nuff said!
  23. I really hate that I can't play sports anymore. For the longest time in my life, playing sports defined me, and it's hard that it's been taken from me.
  24. Does anyone know the reason that God put stink in poop? My son's sometimes smells like he ate a opossum!
  25.  I really hate that I put my family through a really scary night ten years ago this April.
  26. I really wish that I could get more people to read my blog.
That's enough.
Well, that's just about enough random thoughts for one day. I hope you enjoyed reading this and don't think I'm too much of a dufus afterwards. Thank you and have a great weekend.


  1. God put stink in poop so you wouldn't think it's chocolate. :-)

  2. Keith, I would think that even if it looked like chocolate, knowing where it came from would keep someone from eating it! I just don't think the stink in needed. Especially when I am changing diapers. Sometimes I have to catch myself from gagging.

  3. 18. They are so popular because people are sick of their own lives and watching someone else's fall apart from the safety and comfort of their own couch is much easier that facing their own demons and doing something about it.

    24. Because if HE didn't our kids would probably eat it.

  4. 7. Scooby Doo is popular in my house, and I enjoy it myself. But there are like 10 of them on Netflix! WHY DO THEY KEEP WATCHING THE SAME ONE!!??

    24. I don't know, but now I wonder.

    26. I'll read yours if you read mine. :)

  5. Don't be mean to your sister. True, she probably is nuts but you still shouldn't be mean. When January 1st, 2013 comes, then you can say "See, I told you so."

  6. hey number 26, i really wish i could get more people to read my blog<><><>,.i just read YOUR blog><<><>actually i just read a post from your total blog<<>you seem normal but have my kind of sense of humor<><>><i am a putz which means things that i get into are not worthy of getting into exCept WHEN i am with family and anyrthing i do is okay