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Sydney & Denny
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Duke Basketball!

I have this idea, it might be crazy!
Okay, first I have to say that it's been about a week since I posted anything and I apologize to anyone that has the pins and needles that they are sitting on waiting for me to write something new and spectacular. There has been this horrible sickness being passed back and forth between all the members of our household. It has been the worst. My wife got it worse than anyone and even missed four days of work. I mean this sickness was out to get us. Sore throats, coughing, upset belly, vomiting, pooping, you name it, we had it. What made it worse is that when my wife and I had it, the kids were fine. Only they didn't act "fine." NO, they took the opportunity to act like maniacs while Daddy and Mommy were sick. It made my wife and I feel SO much better, let me tell you. But, we have made it through finally, and the ALL CLEAR has been issued. For now anyway.
So, as I was saying, I have this idea that might be a little crazy. I'm going to let you, my reader, decide if I'm a little too ambitious. First let me give you a little insight as to where this idea has sprung from.
I LOVE Duke Basketball!!!
If I listed the things in life that I love in order, you wouldn't have to go very far down that list to get to Duke Basketball. There is something about the way that the Blue Devils play that has always appealed to me. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has run an absolutely amazing basketball program in his 31 years at Duke. The class and excellence that Duke plays with is something that I wish to emulate in all aspects of my life. I do NOT miss a game. When Duke plays, all else stops in our house. The kids have come to realize that Duke basketball is a HUGE part of Daddy's(and therefore their own)life. They know that when Duke is on, it's best not to bother Daddy unless it's something really important. Like fire, or death. I know it's pretty senseless to put so much emphasis on 18-22 year old guys trying to put a leather ball into an iron hoop, but it's something I love. Everyone has their interests in life, and while one of mine may not be that "deep" and "meaningful," it is mine. For a couple of hours 35-40 times a year, I feel like I'm part of that class and excellence. It means something to me and I am very passionate about it. I hope that my kids find something that they are passionate about. Maybe they will find something a little more constructive to be passionate about!
Finally the idea I've been going on about!
So, I've known for a few years now that Duke basketball offers this fantasy camp. It is only for people 35 years and over. So until two years ago, I wasn't eligible. Now, because of the slow painful passing of time, I am. The camp seems to me like just about the coolest way to spend five days out of my life . You get to play games against other campers and generally made to feel like a Duke basketball player. Only a dream come true for me. It's called The K Academy. I REALLY want to do this someday. I would do damn near anything for the opportunity to go to this camp. The only thing is, it costs $10,000.00!  That's a "little" out of my range. I could probably swing it if it were closer to $100. Maybe, but probably still not! Needless to say, my attendance at this amazing camp is little more than a pipe dream. Unless...
Here's the idea. What if I get 20 different business in my local community to donate $500 each to fund my attendance at this camp? The money is tax deductible since a portion of the entry fee goes to charity at Duke University. So, do you think any business would go for my idea? I could do a blog about the entire experience, mentioning all of my sponsors. I've even thought about contacting the local newspaper and maybe they would do a story about it. Again, what do you think? Am I crazy?
All that I would need to do.
So, besides being $10k short of the entrance fee, I'm also woefully out of shape. I haven't played basketball in over two years, and I seem to have some chronic condition that causes me pain all over my body. So, I could do this camp in June right??? Here are what I think I would have to do in order to make it to compete in June.
See my new Doctor this Friday as planned and have them give me the magic shot that makes me feel better and pain free for the next six months(as well as actually diagnosing what I have even though I'm pretty sure it's Rheumatoid Arthritis.)
Round up $10,000 from local business' willing to donate to someone who is probably borderline crazy for even asking in the first place.
Lose between 40-50 pounds to get down to a more optimum playing weight.
Get back to playing basketball so that I wouldn't completely embarrass myself on the court. I know it may be hard to believe, but when I was in my twenties, I could actually play the game at a fairly high level. If I was left open behind the 3-point line, I was pretty much MONEY!
The thing that makes me think that I may be crazy for thinking this may be possible is just that. I think that this may be possible! 
What does this have to do with being a SAHD?
Nothing really but it's my blog so get off my back! No, I'm not that big of a jerk. I do think that I'd love to be able to accomplish this so that my kids see that if you have a dream(no matter how big and crazy they may be)and work hard, you can do anything you really want to.
Please, someone tell me I'm not crazy for thinking I can do this!!! Please, anyone???         


  1. I think you can come up with a creative handle on Twitter add a tag along Facebook fan page and start a real grass roots campaign to get you to Duke fantasy camp. Maybe make an appearance on the Today Show but, not the fourth hour. Nobody watches the fourth hour. It's healthy to shot for the stars. Why not? I admire people that have a dream and go for it. It makes me envious I wish I had one to go after. So, if you feel so bold I'm behind you.

  2. You need to tie the 50 pounds you want to lose to the money. If you could tie $200 for every 10 pounds lost you might get some hits on that. But simply tying it to getting to go to basketball camp probably won't get alot of takers. IF you can make it something about them and put a goal behind it I am certain you could make that happen.

    Good luck bro!

  3. sorry you are a duke fan< byu< BYU, jimmmer JIMMMER fredette< FREDETTE

  4. Putz, I like Jimmer. He's my favorite non-Duke player in today's game. But lets face it, he's no JJ Reddick!!! Duke rules, and that is an actual statement of fact, as they are the current reigning NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!