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Sydney & Denny
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The DEATH of a toy!

It's very traumatic!
Last night we had something happen in our house that caused a lot pain and suffering. There was crying and comforting. There was forgiveness and thanks. We went through the entire seven steps of grief in about 30 minutes. It was crazy. During the day while my daughter was at school, my son had twisted the head off from one of her favorite dolls. It was a Jessie doll from Toy Story 3. And according to her, "SHE WAS MY FAVORITE TOY OF ALL TIME!" She is only four, so I guess that's entirely possible. Here is what the carnage looked like.
  It was bad enough that no amount of superglue surgery could save her. I felt so bad when she was upset over this heinous act of violence. Her brother knew he had been had as well. When the crime scene had been discovered, he just laid down in his bed and got really quiet. Very unlike him. I knew that he felt bad and didn't want to be in trouble. So, being that I am judge, jury and executioner, I decided that he got off easy this time. As punishment for the crime he received a hug from his Daddy. I told him that it was not a good idea to go around breaking his sister's toys because she can inflict a much worse punishment upon him than I ever could. I remember what being a sibling was like as a child, and I know that sometimes justice is dolled out not by parents, but the kids themselves.
Anyways, I assured Sydney that she would receive a new and improved Jessie doll in the very near future and it seemed to ease the pain of her loss. It was after a few more sniffles and whimpers that I soon heard the sweet sound of silence coming from their bedroom indicating that they were finally asleep for the night. AHHH, peace. And, I was in a huge need of peace and quiet for the night. The crime did make me remember when I lost one of my favorite toys as a kid. I had a white with blue end striped Detroit Lions football. I took it to school every day an all of my friends and I played games of football with it. Well, one day we must of not used it, and I set it aside. After recess I must of forgotten it, because I looked out of our classroom window and noticed the "big" kids playing with my ball! My teacher refused to let me run out there and get it! I was furious, and at the time(or every day of my life including now) I had a bit of a temper. I caused a pretty big scene for my teacher, but I never did see that ball again. I think I'm still wearing the scars from losing my beloved Detroit Lions football. Maybe it's why they haven't won big in my lifetime. Perhaps I am the reason behind their futility? Oh, I would find that teacher and go back and punch her square in the face. Do you know how much pain and suffering the Lions have caused me? If I knew it was my fault, I'd never forgive myself. That is why, my daughter will have a replacement. I don't want to cause her years and years of emotional pain. Of course, if I tried hard enough, I could probably make her forget about her "loss" in a day or so, as long as she's not a freak like her Dad.
Time in the ER for this SAHD!
Yes, you read that right. I spent some time in the ER yesterday morning. During the afternoon on Monday I started to develop a nice little headache. Sometimes I get these really bad ones, as I've mentioned in a previous post that you can find here Sometimes they can really put me down for the day, and other times they can send me to the ER for help. Yesterday was one of those days. A little back story here. I have no colon, I had to have it removed due to a disease known as Ulcerative Colitis. I developed the disease when I was 18 and playing college football. I lived with it for five years before being told quite sternly by my doctor that I had to have my colon out, or die before I was 30 from colon cancer. It wasn't even a tough call! Anyways, one of the functions of our colons is to absorb liquid into our systems and help keep us hydrated. Well, by not having one, I get dehydrated quite often, causing these headaches. Yesterday was really bad. I spent about three hours in an ER room getting two IV bags of fluid and what they called a "migraine cocktail." Apparently it was a mixture of a couple of meds that knock out headaches like the one I had. It sure did, but along the way, I was exhausted for the rest of the day. And that was on top of not sleeping due to the headache on Monday night. So, a lot of yesterday was spent in a sleep induced fog. It was kind of nice to be honest. At least my headache was gone.
The only problem is there are guys here in our townhouse replacing all of our kitchen cabinets and counters right now, and it's causing a different type of headache! Wish me and my family luck!
Have a great day!
I'm famous!
I almost forgot to mention, I'm a famous newspaper writer now!!! Not really, but I did have a quote published on the front page of our local newspaper. I had been on the paper's website and commented on my high school getting a bad draw in the state playoffs. It's in the top right of the page under Web Quotes.

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