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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disney Movies

My kids and movies.
Okay, I know that in a post a couple of days ago I said that I don't like letting my kids watch a lot of TV. That being said, all kids need to watch Disney movies. They are just plain fun, and a lot of times have some deep meaning to them. There are some really good Disney movies out there that have been around for quite some time, and some newer ones that have lived up to the Disney standard. 
A lot of the movies by Disney are centered around princesses which appeals to my 4 year old little girl. She LOVES princesses! I think all little girls do on some level or another. She has princess stuff on her walls, which by the way is kind of unfair to the little boy who shares her room. She has princess dresses, and crowns. She has the books, you name it. For a while it was like Walt Disney himself had decorated our house. The thing is, it's not all princess stuff though. My little boy really loves Mickey Mouse. He has sheets, and shirts and all sorts of stuff. Boy, I keep naming all this stuff that my kids have and you would think they were spoiled or something. Well with all of this Disney stuff in our house I've decided to name off our family's five favorite Disney movies. The thing about this list is that it is fluid, meaning that we can(and I'm sure the girl will)change our minds at any and all times. So here goes.
1. The Princess and The Frog.
This is one of the newer(I think the newest) movies that Disney has done, but it ranks at the top for our family. I bought the DVD without us ever having seen the movie because it had gotten such good reviews. It more than lived up to the hype. I think that my little girl can recite the movie line for line. That's because we have seen the movie like elevendymillion times already. What I really like is the message it sends about working hard to reach your dreams. My daughter really likes the princess and the dancing, while my son likes the frogs! It is really cute and of course everyone lives happily ever after. Almost. If you haven't seen the movie, I'm sorry, but a main character is stomped on and moves on to bug heaven. That's kind of unexpected for Disney, but it works. Here is a clip from the movie.
I'm hoping that the link I just put in here takes you to a song I really like from the movie. If not then please if anyone knows how to put a video link in and I don't, let me know.

2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
HiHo HiHo it's off to work we go. My little girl sang that song for the longest time, it got stuck in my head every single day. The scene where the Dwarfs are trying to entertain Snow White is a favorite around here, especially Dopey's antics. My little boy kind of reminds the wife and I of Dopey. They both don't say much and have a goofy look in their eyes! I think every little girl likes the story of a handsome prince coming along and saving them, heck my wife still dreams about it. 

3. Cinderella
How can anyone not like this movie? It is the story of an underdog overcoming the odds to win what they've always dreamed of. Heck, every spring we hear about some team being the "Cinderella Story" in the NCAA basketball tourney. This movie is where it comes from for crying out loud. The girl overcomes the cranky old step-mother(who for some reason has always reminded me of my mother-in-law, I'm not sure why. Sorry Babe, but there's something that reminds me of your mom) to win over the handsome prince. There is again even something there for my little boy, who loves the mice.

4. Bolt
For some reason my daughter has always like to pretend to be a dog. She has this really annoying barking thing that she does, and I think it all started with this movie. I really like the explosions in the movie because I think they look real and the kids love the fact that it's about a dog. It's a really cool movie and again has a good message to it. Loyalty is a quality I value greatly and it's a big deal in this movie. And besides, who wouldn't want a dog like that to protect your kids?

5. National Treasure.
I know, I didn't realize that this was a Disney movie at first either. But, it is and it's on this list because of me. I really love this movie and the sequel. I love history and if you have seen this movie you know how big a part it is in this film. There is action, intrigue, romance, and historical factoids! What more is there?
Okay, there you have it. The top five Disney movies of our household. I hope you liked it, and if you have any disagreements with it, please feel free to comment. 
Still in PAIN!!!
It's been two days since I had my stupid tooth pulled and it still hurts like hell. The pain pills I have don't really do anything for it either. What should help me is that I do get to spend some time with my mother-in-law tomorrow. That experience should be enough to take my mind off of the pain in lower jaw. At least for a little while. I joke, but she does have some good points. She loves both of my children very much and treats them great. That's all that matters. 
watch football. I guess I'm a homebody. 
Football picks.
This weeks picks are as follows.
Michigan 38 Indiana 28
Wisconsin 24 Michigan State 10
Toledo 31 Wyoming 17
Green Bay 34 Detroit 21.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!  
I know that this hasn't been my best blog in terms of writing quality, and I apologize. I'm very tired and can't seem to put the sentences and paragraphs together they way I'd like to. I hope you still get the idea behind what I'm trying to say.


  1. You forgot Striptease... that was a great Disney movie.

  2. Striptease was a great movie, Demi Moore did look smoking hot, but alas my wife reads this blog and I don't have the guts to say so! Just kidding, great movie.