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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Medication for kids.

Both of my kids have a cold.
 Recently I have been thinking about something very important. Both of my kids have come down with a cold that they can't seem to shake. We all know that colds are about as fun as well, nothing, they are no fun. I feel especially bad when kids are sick like this because first, they don't know how to communicate just how bad they feel. Even my four year old, who talks just fine, doesn't know how to tell me just what she is feeling. Secondly, I'm not sure kids know that when you have a cold, it's okay to just sleep all day and let someone else wait on you hand and foot. Kids are always on the go and never seem to want to stop. My kids at least, don't want to let being sick stop them from all the mayhem and chaos that is our lives.
It's been a couple of weeks now.
It seems like both of my kids have been fighting this bug for a couple of weeks now, and since it's just a cold, I haven't taken them to a doctor.  I'm really not sure what a doctor would do other than what I'm already doing. We give them some daytime cold medicine during the day and some nighttime stuff at bedtime. Now, I'm not one of those people that is against medicine. I believe it is out there for a reason. Heck, I have a couple of chronic ailments that I have to take medicine for, including a pain med. I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to take medicine if we do so responsibly. That being said, I always worry about giving my kids too much of it. I know that some cold medicine for infants was taken off the market a while back, and it makes me worry about what I give my kids. I want them to be comfortable and not have to deal with the ailments that a cold brings, but I don't want them all doped out either.
Why would a parent do this?
We have all heard about the parents who have given their kids nighttime cold medicine to settle them down and keep them quiet. I am really appalled by this. That's just horribly irresponsible parenting. People doing this sort of thing is what makes me worry about giving my kids too much medicine. Obviously it can make a kid drowsy and zombyfied. I don't want my kids to be like that. Most of us have taken nighttime cold medicine and then slept for a while and woke up feeling better. However, that was our choice as adults. When parents do that to their kids, you might as well be slipping a tranquilizer into their food. It makes me really take precautions when giving my kids medicine. I just feel weird about it. I know they don't always know how to tell me how they feel, so what if they really don't need what I'm about to give them? Does that make me just as bad as the people that intentionally give their kids the stuff? I don't think so, but in my ever working mind, I question myself over and over.
Knowing my kids.
I guess it all comes down to how good of a parent I am. I spend a crap ton of time with my kids, so I should know them pretty well. I have to figure out when they are really feeling crappy and when they are doing alright. I hate when my kids don't feel well and like most parents I want to do whatever it takes to make them feel better. I guess the best way to do it is to play it by ear. Make the best decision I can with the information  presented to me. Wow that is pretty much what all parenting is. I've figured it all out. I guess everyone out there in blog world can come to me with questions now. I've figured out parenting. Use the facts at hand to make your best decision. Who knew?
So, I've decided that I am going to continue to give my kids the medicine they need and try not to over think it.
Football weekend again.
Friday is upon us once again, and that means it's a football weekend. I went to the homecoming at my high school tonight and had a blast. The team there won and improved to 7-0 for the first time in about a million years, so I'm really proud of that and want to give recognition to them. Springport High School in Springport, Michigan has an undefeated football team, and they are fun to watch!
Okay, time for the predictions that I know you all are waiting for.
Michigan 38 Michigan State 27
Detroit Lions 34 St. Louis Rams 10.
Okay, that is all. Have a good night and a great weekend. 

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