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Sydney & Denny
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time Travel

Wouldn't it be great?
I have always had a thing for time traveling. I don't know if there is some deep psychological reason for it, like being unhappy with my past or something like that. I do know that I think time traveling would be so cool. I watch just about anything on TV or in movies that has to do with time traveling.  I don't care if it's about opening a wormhole, or stepping into a machine, or even driving some souped up Delorean, it would be so great to do! Both forwards and backwards would be cool. I'd like to see what life looks like in the future, and I'd like to see things that are historical from the past. I mean how cool would it be to go back and hang out with Lee Harvey Oswald and find out the truth(or as much as he knew) about JFK's assassination? 
There was a show on NBC in 2007 that I was in love with. It only lasted the one season, but it may just be my favorite show of all time. Kevin McKidd was the star and his character "traveled" back into time, usually no more than 25 years ago. He had a job to do while he was back there and things he did would change the course of time. Therein lies the problem. I would love to go back and change a lot of things that happened in my past. Who wouldn't? I'd love to go back about 12 years ago and talk to the stressed out neurotic guy that I was and tell him that it's all going to work out how he wanted. I have always wanted to be where I am now in terms of my personal life. I have always wanted the cool wife and the beautiful kids, and I have that. Back then I was very worried about none of that happening to the point of pure stress. I just couldn't see myself ever being able to find the right woman. I'd love to be able to tell that guy to get a life, it's going to work out. But, if I did that, maybe it wouldn't work out like it has. Maybe I tell myself to relax and then I do. What happens then? Who knows, maybe my actions lead me to a different reality than what I have now. I do not want that at all. I mean we've all seen "Back to the Future" right? Look how knowing how sports events ended changed everything for Biff. It created pure hell for Marty and Doc, and well, I don't have any friends that are crazy inventor scientist types. I wouldn't know how to steal plutonium, I wouldn't know how to harness 1.21 gigawats with a bolt of lightning! How could I ever fix things if I messed them up?
Observation would be fun!
Ahh, now there's an idea! How fun would it be to go back in time and watch yourself make mistakes? Wouldn't it be cool to see your spouse before you had met? How about seeing your parents when they were young? You could have all kinds of dirt on the people in your life, and wouldn't that be valuable? Buuut, and there is always a but. You would "get" to see your spouse before you had met, and "get" to see your parents as young people, and maybe that's not such a good idea. Maybe there are things better left alone and not known. Now the future is interesting however. I could go ahead in time and find out if anyone reads this blog post I'm doing, and if not, I could change it to something REALLY interesting. I could go a year into the future and see if I've reached my one year blogging goals. If not, I could change things here in the present to make sure I reached those goals. Of course, if I changed things now, then it would change the future, and then...
Ahh Crap! Now I've confused even myself. I'm staying here and now and going to not have regrets. And be patient and diligent. 
If you never watched Journeyman you should check it out. I watch an episode every once in a while on HULU. 
I hope you have a really good night. 

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