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Sydney & Denny
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

NASCAR, What the fu*k?

Nothing but left turns!
I have been sitting here looking at a lot of great blogs including while Sportscenter is on. I just heard a bit about the NASCAR race today(excuse me, I think it was the Nationwide race) and I thought how stupid it is that this event was featured on Sportscenter.  Why would I say that about NASCAR? Well, all they do is make stupid left turns!!! It's non stop. They drive around an oval and are constantly making left turns. Over and over and over. I could watch the beginning of the race, go to the store for an hour and come back, and I wouldn't have missed a damn thing. They would still be making left turns! Don't anyone argue with me about the sport of it or anything like that either. The entire "sport" is about who can make constant left turns the fastest. AND, not to mention it but, the same guy wins the championship every year!
Definition of insanity!
You might be asking what NASCAR has to do with being a SAHD? Well, I'll tell you. If one of my kids did the same thing over and over without getting anywhere or making any progress, I'd kick their butt! I mean really, the definition of insanity is doing the same action over and over while expecting different results. That in a nutshell is what NASCAR is to me. It would be like my son hitting his head on the wall and thinking that eventually it wouldn't hurt to do that. Well, okay maybe that's a bad example because he did that just yesterday! Anyways you get my point: NASCAR is stupid!!!
No parade?
Well, we didn't go to Toledo today for the UT Homecoming parade. When we woke up this morning, my daughter sounded like a seal and had a snot faucet where her nose used to be. On top of that, it was that annoying rainy, windy crappy sort of day. The wife and I made the decision that we didn't want to drive over an hour, put my sick daughter, and getting sick son, outside in some horrible weather and deprive them of much needed naps. We may or may not be bad parents, but that would just be insane on our parts. And, I already mentioned insanity once in this post, and that's enough.
So, we basically sat at home all day and watched football. Perfect! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. 
Have a great rest of the weekend.   


  1. Watching football all day is a worthy pursuit! I'm with you about NASCAR. I can see how a racing is pretty awesome and exciting for the guys doing it, but I can't watch the repetitiveness of the whole thing. Have you ever seen a rally car race? Now THAT'S exciting! Love the rally cars.

  2. Keith, I have not seen a rally car race, but I've heard it's pretty cool. I usually only watch sports that have a ball(or puck) in it. I do imagine driving a race car would be an adrenaline rush, I just don't take the time to watch it. Too boring.