Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time at the hospital.

This has not been fun.
For the last four nights my daughter has woken up in a coughing fit, and it's not a pretty sound. She sounds like a baby seal with a fish stuck in it's throat. Needless to say, she has not wanted to go back to be in her own bed. Being as attached to her daddy as she is, she wants to sleep with Daddy. My wife and I are always crowded when one or both of the kids are in our bed, so the wife usually leaves. Every once in a while the little girl and I go downstairs to the pull out couch bed. Either way, I'm sleeping with a 45lb hot water bottle right next to me, or on top of me. The kid radiates heat like the dual suns on Tatooine.(Crazy Star Wars guy reference!) Don't get me wrong, as everyone knows, I love that little girl like a fish loves water. However, I need to SLEEP at some point. I'm not the type who needs a crap ton of sleep, but three or four hours tops each night is not cutting it. I feel like I'm dragging a two ton weight around during my day, and that makes it hard to be a good parent. When all I want to do is lay down because I can't keep my eyes open, it's hard to do all the fun activities I have planned for the kids. So, because of my desire for sleep and after hearing her barking again this evening, the wife and I decided to take her to get medical attention.
That did not go well. Oh sure, my daughter was a perfect angel, but the diagnosis we got did nothing for us. They basically told us that she has a cold and doesn't need antibiotics. Go home and give her some over the counter cough medicine. HOLY CRAP, if only I had thought of that before I took her to the hospital! Maybe I wouldn't have spent 45 minutes in the waiting room and another 20 minutes in the "room" waiting to see the doctor. I have given her that type of stuff, and obviously from the sound of her at night, and now during the day, it's not helping. I hate hearing kids cough, or see them be sick. And, when it's one of my kids, I HAVE to do something to make them better. That is why I took her to the hospital, and it's why I told the doctor that I didn't like his diagnosis. I mean this poor little girl was coughing so much a while back that it made her puke! Doesn't sound like just a cold to me. So the doctor relented and gave her some prescription cough med, and a steroid to break up the congestion.  Holy crap I hope it works, because I'm tired, and Daddy needs to sleep.
A little clarity.
I would like to clarify something from my previous post. I mentioned that a man was at the park with a bunny. I want to be clear that I called him Dirtball not because he had a bunny, but because he just seemed like a dirtball. Not just because he had a bunny. Lots of people have bunnies and they are not dirtballs. This guy was at the park asking kids to pet his bunny while not wearing a shirt. I think dirtball might be a compliment for him.
My Halloween costume idea.
   So what do you think? Does this seem like a good costume? Of course I would change to maybe a black t-shirt instead of blue. Duh, I think that goes without saying.
Once again, have a great night.

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  1. When my boy sleeps in our bed he like to kick me all night long. I usually end up sleeping on the floor while him and Momma slumber through the night. ;D Hope she feels better!

    Definitely a dirt ball. I would not have called him something that nice...

    Cool costume! I still have to decide on my costume this year. A few years ago Momma and I went as Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. It was awesome! Maybe it was because I got to have cool hair (or any hair for that matter) for a few hours. :D