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Sydney & Denny
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Email hacking

I believe someone has hacked the two email accounts I have, and it really pisses me off. I think it is affecting this blog as well. I have not had anyone look at this blog in about 36 hours, and while I do not expect to have a crap ton of viewers at this point, I was getting some decent numbers. It is really disappointing. If anyone out there in blog world has been spammed by something from either of my email accounts, I really apologize.
What is most disappointing is that I am really trying to work hard to make this work, and it seems that somebody is undermining that work. I am just starting out in this, and I really have no idea why someone would even want to get into my accounts. I do not have that many contacts, I'm not THAT popular. Again, if you have received spam from my accounts, I am so sorry.
Bill collectors.
In addition to having my email hacked, some really weird company called my wife's work twice today and said they were some Federal Investigators. They said she had to call back or she would be arrested! I knew it was some sort of scam right away. I called them back and said I was my wife. The people that were there couldn't get their minds around the thought that a man could be named Stacy! So after a little convincing, they told me about this lawsuit being filed against her. I think they may have a legit bill of ours that we have overlooked. However, the way these people handled it was out of control. I finally got a person who told me I was dumb, and that I had no money in my pocket and that is why I had this bill! I offered to pay the bill right then, and he refused saying that he would rather see someone with an attitude like mine "go behind the bars." I wish I had recorded the conversation so I could report it to the BBB. The people were all foreigners, and no disrespect to people from outside of the US, but my thoughts are, do your homework before you come into our country and start demanding money from actual US citizens! I really gave this person the runaround. He hung up on me before I could refer him to my lawyer, Mr. Arthur Vandelay. Seinfeld reference for all the fans out there.
Dental pain.
That wasn't even the hardest part of my day. Since my wife was off work I had the chance to go get some needed dental work done. I had to have a tooth pulled, and that just sucked big time. I have had some painful experiences in my life, but holy crap that hurt! I felt like the guy was standing on my chest with a pair of pliers trying to get this thing out. I made a vow right then to do everything I can to quit drinking pop, and teach my kids good dental health habits. 
Having my tooth pulled leads to the obvious question: What's worse, being a stay-at-home dad, or having a tooth pulled? Ha! I'd stay at home with my kids forever and never complain about it. I love those two rug rats.
Have a great night, and stay away from the spam! 


  1. If only being a SAHD came with complimentary painkillers.

  2. That would be cool, and sometimes very needed! Thanks.