Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stay at home Dad and his adventures!

So today has been quite successful. The wife and I took the kids and went to get Sydney signed up for her new school. We are ecstatic over the differences in the school we had her in, and this one. She is going to go to a smaller pre-k program in Parma. The school is more our style. Plus, the teacher has been teaching for 26 years instead of 26 hours! I know all teachers have to start somewhere, but I prefer it not be with my kid! I am sorry, just how I feel.
After we got home, it's been one thing after another. My 4 year old told me that when she gets big, she doesn't have to do what I say, or listen to me. I asked her how that was different from now, and she said "I'll be taller!" So that's the only difference between now and 15 years from now, height!
I also got registered for a sleep study I have to have done. One more thing wrong with me! I think if I could get my fat ass off my fat ass and lose some weight, it would help a lot of the problems I seem to be having. Maybe if I didn't have so much neck fat, I'd be able to breath at night and not snore so loud the cops get called. (It's only happened a couple of times, I swear.) My wife hasn't had a proper nights sleep in years due to the guy sleeping next to her that seems to think Kevin James is the body type he wants! I feel so bad for her, yet I do nothing about it. I can't make myself stop drinking pop, eating fattening foods, or sitting on my ass. It just occurred to me that my plan to be famous from writing this terrific blog, goes right against any getting in shape ideas I might have. I am not talented enough to type out a blog entry while riding a stationary bike(or a regular bike for that matter.) Who am I kidding, I'm not riding any bikes anytime soon! It's too bad that typing and mouse clicking doesn't burn many calories, otherwise I could be lean and mean! What really bothers me is the fact that I am not the Dad I want to be because of my lack of conditioning. I don't have the energy to play with my kids like I'd really like to. I feel so bad sometimes. Aah, to hell with them, I'm getting a glass of pop ;)
  Not really, I love my kids more than I can ever put into words, and I am putting right here on the internet for anyone who wants to see, I am going to lose weight and get into better shape.  I owe it to my wife and kids to be a better me, and I am going to do it one way or another. Does anyone have any ideas on a starter workout for a almost middle aged guy who is woefully out of shape? If so, please leave a comment or email me at
Okay, that's all for today, so stop begging for more. I hope all is well in your life and remember "we are never as old or young as we think we are."

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