Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sydeny's First Day!

Today was a big day. Sydney started her new Pre-K program. She was a very big girl today. She did so well, and I was so proud of her. She took the teacher's hand and walked down the hall and I wasn't sure how to feel. On the one hand, I was so proud of her and how she acted like such a big girl. However, on the other hand, I was kind of sad that she is growing up so fast. It is almost not fair that she's four years old. It really does seem like just yesterday that I was looking at her in the warming bed right after she had been born. I remember putting my finger in her hand and telling her I was her Daddy and that I would do my best to never let her down. Now, here she is going off to school.  I guess it has to happen at some point, and it is nice to get a little break from her whining all of the time, but I miss her when she's not here.
The teacher told me how great she did, and even used the word "role-model" to describe her. She was one of only a few kids in the class that could write her name. That made me feel good that the work my wife and I have been doing with her is paying off. I did tell the teacher that I think she's going to be President someday, and that she gets all of her brains from her Mommy! I really am a very proud Daddy.
Then their is the boy. I feel as though I am probably going to be spending some time in the Principal's office for that boy. I love that boy so much, and I think he's smarter than he lets on, but there are times I question if he's not an alien. My wife and I have decided he is probably a Gremlin. He makes a lot of  noises for no reason whatsoever that really do sound like the gremlins from that movie. Plus, there are certain rules we have to follow with that kid. Once he is down for his nap or at night, there can be NO noise in the house or else he will be up to wreak havoc. You can NOT leave any glass of any liquid within his reach, or else he will find it, attempt to drink from it and come to you going "AAAHHH" as if he has just quenched his thirst. There can be no pens within his reach, or else he will tattoo himself with pen from head to toe. Today he discovered that he can take the substance from his nose and rub it on stuff, so I think he's going to be an artist! I joke, but I really have to get that kid some finger paint. I think he would LOVE it. And of course, there would be no mess for me to clean up. I do think that some mess from kids is okay, even if I bitch about having to clean it up.
Sometimes I complain about my kids, but I love them so much I couldn't imagine my life without them. That's really mushy I know, but it's the truth.
Okay, that's enough for the night. I hope you enjoyed my blog tonight, and remember if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right!

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