Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful Day

Hi again! Here it is just about mid-September and it's another beautiful day here in Mid-Michigan. I plan on taking the family to the park later after the kids get up from their naps, and they want to feed the ducks. Now, I am not going to be doing any duck feeding as I feel as though all birds are evil monsters who want to kill and eat me! That's what my forever brave wife is for.
The wife and I have a little dilemma that we are trying to solve. My little girl is four right now, and of course she is brilliant. She doesn't turn five until early November, so we had to decide on school for her this year or not. She went to a pre-school type thing last year, and her teachers all said she was more than ready for Kindergarten. Well, the wife and I agreed, however we don't like the idea of her starting Kindergarten when she is only four, meaning she will always be one of the youngest kids in her class.  I feel that may be a disadvantage for her in later school years.  We worry more about her falling behind in 5th or 6th grade than we do now. So we enrolled her in a Kindergarten readiness program at one of the public schools here in town.  All summer long we had a bad feeling about it, and after the first day we knew we were right.  It was just too big and unorganized for our liking. And when I picked her up the second day she had had an issue(even though it was just that she accidentally threw away part of a sandwich container.) She just seemed lost at the school. Now we have taken her out of there and are trying to find a program that will get her ready for Kindergarten next year, but we are not having any luck. So Dad is being a pre-school teacher along with everything else right now. It's actually really fun. She is so smart, I think she will be president some day! The only problem is that whenever Mommy is around, she gets really whinny(Sydney that is, Mommy is always whinny!)
So, I also want to talk football. My Lions got royally screwed this Sunday! I jumped up when Johnson caught that pass and was running around the room yelling like a crazy man!!! I even grabbed a small plastic Dora chair of my kids and turned it over and was hitting myself on the head with the seat part. Man that was awesome, the Lions NEVER come back and win games. Well, of course they didn't actually. The referee ruled it an incomplete pass based on a stupid NFL rule that needs to be changed immediately.  I guess the rule states that when catching a TD the receiver needs to catch the ball, do three cartwheels, do 60 hours of charity work, and cook a 7 course meal, all while maintaining possession of the ball, in order for it to be a catch! I was so pissed, but yet not surprised at all that the Lions got the shaft!
I really hope that I can get people to read this blog as I enjoy doing this already.  I am trying to learn the ins and outs of blogging and hope along the way that I can make some friends I can talk to about my interests and about being a stay at home dad. Plus, I admit, I want to be able to monetize the crap out of it. We all need money and I am tired of being broke 24/7.
Well, I hope all is well with you and until next time: Go Lions!

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