Sydney & Denny

Sydney & Denny
September at the Park

Friday, September 24, 2010

How I made my wife feel better!

Today was a crazy day. The kids were all kinds of cranky, and I was not feeling well. That's a recipe for problems, I promise you that. Sydney has this sound to her voice when she gets all whiny and it just reverberates up my spine and makes me want to take an ice pick and shove it in my eye and swirl it around for a while. Just to distract me from the fact that my beautiful little girl is being an absolute pain in my ass. Plus, Denny was being, well Denny. He was into everything and wouldn't stop fighting with Sydney. I literally had to separate them on a couple of occasions. Nothing I did helped the situation either. I know I was cranky also, due to not feeling the best, and I know kids can feed off of that energy or vibe their parent gives off. Either that or they are just sick to death of seeing my ugly mug all day every day. I've needed a break from them every once in a while, and maybe they need a break from me from time to time as well.
Was I the problem?
Well, as the day moved on, I was thinking that it was too bad Sydney had to go to school because she really needed a nap. Then, TADA, the school called me with an automated message saying that there was no power and that school was cancelled. About 15 minutes later, they were in bed!!! It was about 15 minutes after that that I spoke by text with a friend with kids in the same district who told me that school wasn't cancelled and it was a mix-up on the school's fault. Too late. I wasn't waking up a cranky four year old and a tired two year old and turning what was an already crazy day into possible Armageddon!!! Anyone in my situation would have done exactly what I did. Let them sleep and take a short nap myself. Yeah, I said it, I took a nap. In the middle of the day. I don't feel bad about it either. Okay, maybe a little. But, I knew I didn't feel well, and a little relaxation probably was for the best. Maybe if I felt better after the nap, I wouldn't be cranky and the kids would feed off of that, and the day would turn around. Nope! I still didn't feel great, and when the kids got up after a decent nap, more of the same.
Taking them to the park!
I decided to take them to the park to maybe get some pent up energy out of them. However, they both had to spend time on the bench in timeout. They both decided that listening to me was pointless to them and they weren't going to do anything I said. I had to use the most used parenting phrase in the history of time. "Because I said so!" It didn't work. Finally had to pull them aside and let them know that one more instance out of either, and we were going home. That helped. For like two minutes. Denny took off his shoe and threw it down the slide. Almost decapitated some poor little boy. I guess he didn't realize that the future QB of the Lions was throwing things down the slide. Of course, being the future Lions QB means not always being the most accurate with his throws, and he missed the kid. That was beside the point, and I gathered them up and we left. On the plus side Denny is talking more. He pulled out his "Noooo!" and his latest kind of word sounding "Ahh Man!" But, we had to leave.
I'm getting to the point.
So here is how I made my wife feel better. In an earlier post I mentioned that my wife has been bothered by the fact that my kids have been more attached to me recently. They always want to sit on my lap, and be next to me, and it bothers her that they get up from being with her to come be with me. Well, I guess they were sick of me getting after their little asses and they stuck with Mommy when she got home tonight. So, after being at work and not feeling well herself, she got that kind of pick me up at home. So you see, I am the perfect husband if  not a kind of pain in the ass dad. By annoying the hell out of my kids, they didn't want to be around me as much tonight, and spent more time with their mommy, making her feel better. I'm a genius, planned it all along! Ha!!!
  Okay, that's all for now. I hope all is well with you, and always remember; today will always be better than yesterday.

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