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Sydney & Denny
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I love them!
Recently I was reading something about sports, which I do a lot, and came across something about a championship team. It really got me to thinking. I love winning at everything I do in life. Now, it's not the end-all-be-all that it used to be for me. But, it's still pretty cool. Winning leads to championships. As I am in the process of telling you, I LOVE championships!!! I just love the sound of the word even. Say it to yourself out loud right now. CHAMPIONSHIP! Doesn't that just feel good to say. I know you liked it.
Being the best at something.
We live in a very competitive society. Just about every aspect of our lives involves some sort of competition. School? Of course it's competitive. Maybe not to every kid at every stage, but there comes a time that the better a student you are, the better college you get into, the better career you land. So, students compete for the best grades. Work life? Well, if someone has any ambition at all, they want to be the best at what they do. They want to move up in the company they work for, to get the next promotion, to be the best. So yes, they compete with coworkers to be the best. Now, before I upset anyone out there, let me make sure I put this the right way. I advocate competition, not winning at all costs. There is a line there. Doing underhanded things like cheating, lying and stealing, in order to win, crosses that line. It is okay to not win(I don't even like typing the "l" word.) As long as you competed at your best, learned why you didn't win, and came out in the next competition ready to prove that this time, you are the best. It is my belief in this sense of competition that makes me really hate what is happening in our youth sports leagues.
I may upset a few people.
I HATE seeing parents and coaches taking the competitiveness out of our youth sports!!! Again, blood and guts, especially at the younger age levels, is not what I'm advocating. However, in life there is winning and losing as I've pointed out. If a kid is always told that "at least you were out there and had fun" he will never know the sting of losing. That sting motivates! Sure, a kid is going to feel bad for a while.  However, it will motivate a person to try harder. There is a youth softball league in my home town that is co-ed(not the problem I have,) just lets the defensive team play where they want, records no runs or outs, and nobody wins or loses. What does that teach our kids??? It's okay to just lope around and have fun? Well, when our young people are 21 and have gotten through college and are just sitting around their parents house all day with no job. Just tell them "It's okay, at least you're trying and having fun right?" That's where we are headed!
A little off track.
So now I'm ranting again. Sorry. Where was I? Oh Yeah! I love championships! I've had the pleasure of being on a few teams that have won championships in my life. One team holds the highest place in my heart though. It was a men's Rec league basketball team. We had 7 or 8 guys every game that showed up. One guy was the best player in the league, and he scored about 30-35 points a game. I would usually put up about 12-15, and the rest of the team would chip in whatever they were good for that game. We were a total team though. We knew who our scorer was, and we all played our role. I was the "coach" of the team and it was AWESOME! We played a game that basically decided the championship of the tournament at season's end, and only had six guys there. With about eight minutes to go in the game, I came out for a sub, so I could rest for the end. The five guys that were in the game were playing so well that I had no reason to go back in. It pained me to not be out there when the game ended, but as the buzzer sounded, I jumped up and just got this feeling that is hard to describe. I've only had this feeling a couple of times in life, but it's amazing. I got these chills up my entire body, but not like normal goose bumps, something different. Something that may be unique to me for all I know. Everyone might get a different feeling from winning something they hold special than I do. All I know is, up to that point in my life, winning championships was just about the greatest thing I could ever do. I still keep the trophies we won that year to this day. 
Then it all changed.
As you may know from reading my past blog posts, I am a very happily married man, with two amazing children. This has been the ultimate accomplishment of my life. There is no game, sport or championship I could win that would top having my family. Still there is one thing I wanted to do. I had a plan. I was going to get into the best shape I possibly could this winter. I wanted to do this for my health, and so I could be around longer for my kids. However, I wanted to do it for another reason as well. I wanted to be able to play softball this summer in really good shape. I wanted one more season like I used to be. I wanted to be able to get to that ground ball that's should be just out of my reach like I used to. I wanted to be able to stretch that single into an easy double like I used to. Now, that situation has been put on hold. As I have mentioned, I am in the process of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am almost 100% sure that what is going on is RA. It is going to really make working out a challenge until I can get this latest ailment under control. That's not to say I couldn't still get into shape so that I can play ball like I want. I can do it, it's just that my focus has changed the last few days. There is really no good reason to play ball now. I have to avoid injury so I can be around for my family. That is the real championship I'm after now. My idea of happiness has changed over the last 7-8 years. I used to define happiness as competing and winning. Now, happiness to me is, seeing my bride walk(run) down the aisle towards me. Hearing "I love you Daddy." Holding both of my kids as  I read to them. Imagining a future with this amazing family that I have. So, that is what makes me tick now. That is my championship that I am pursuing. I have included three pictures at the end of this post, the first two are of championships that teams I have a rooting passion for winning recent championships. The third picture is of the trophy I want to win more than anything else in life now.
Thank you for reading and letting me have a personal therapy session. Have a great day. 


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