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Sydney & Denny
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Monday, November 8, 2010

I think my son is an alien!

He must be from outer space.
I swear my son, who is again only two, is not from this planet. I have often thought that he was a little crazy, or a bit of a little dufus. I have however decided that I was wrong. He has to be from somewhere other than the planet Earth. There are things that he does that just make me shake my head. I love that little boy more than I can put into words here.  However, I sometimes have to wonder if my DNA could produce a child that behaves the way he does.
Walking with him.
I have noticed that when I walk with him anywhere, it's like when Elliot and his brother took ET Trick-or-Treating with them. They had poor ET under that sheet like he was a ghost, and the little guy was walking all over the place. Elliot had to lead him from place to place. It's like that with Denny. I have to hold his hand obviously, but while I do, his attention wanders. It's like he sees something shiny and is drawn to it. It might be a stick on the ground, or a piece of paper on the floor of the supermarket, or a cat down the sidewalk from our house. The point is, he doesn't ever just walk with me from Point A to Point B. I don't remember his sister being like this when she was his age. He must be from Planet Dufus or something.
  He's indestructible.
 Over the course of this weekend he has fallen about 273 times and only has a small scratch under his right arm that is even halfway serious. Sure, his legs each have about nine bruises each, but for what has taken place this weekend, he's doing pretty good. With the amount and severity of some of his falls, you would think he's be in traction or dead or something. If it were me that had taken a couple of, or even one of, his falls, it would take an ambulance to come get me before I moved again. 
Let me run down a couple of his falls for you. First, and most serious, is the one at Toys 'R' Us on Saturday night. This is the fall that I could see happening but couldn't do anything to stop. It is also the one that made me sure that I was going to be spending time in the ER very soon. We had gone to TRU(the shortened version of the store name, because that's a lot of typing. Probably not as much as the explanation, but you get my point,) to look at toys so we could have ideas for Sydney's birthday and the upcoming Christmas holiday. We were just looking and not buying, the kids had had that made very clear to them. That didn't stop them from reacting as if they had walked into the magical land of Oz. There was a lot of squealing, and "Can I have this Daddy?" going on. However, for the most part, they were both very good. I don't do well in stores after being there for a while. I think I get it from my Dad(sorry Mom, and Stacy, I seem to be a lot like the man.) I was starting to get impatient, we had been there for almost an hour. Well, to get to the point, Denny leaned a little too far out of the cart while reaching for a toy on the shelf and went head over heals out of the cart. He literally did a flip and landed with the front of his head hitting the cement floor. We scooped him right up, and I think he was more scared than anything, because he doesn't even have a bump on his head. I'm telling you; alien.
Then he was standing in his chair at dinner(despite several "requests" that he sit down) and just fell straight down the front of the chair and under the table. He cried a little, but was fine. For good measure, he did the same thing at tonight's dinner. He also stood on a small scooter we have in our basement and fell off from that. That is of course, on top of the number of falls he takes as a "normal" two year old. I'm telling you the kid could be just walking along in the house and fall for no reason! I think he has trouble with our gravity here on earth! There is no way someone could take the falls he takes and not be hurt without having some sort of special protectant. Like an alien skeleton. Maybe he draws his ability to withstand injury from our sun like Superman got his strength. Maybe the air here on earth gives him super solid bones, I don't know. I just know that he can not keep falling like he does without getting hurt!!! It's going to lead to his father being proven to be very human! The gray hairs he has given me will be nothing compared to the cardiac event I'm sure to have the next time he stands on the end table and lets himself fall backwards like he's doing the "Nestea Plunge" onto the couch! I'm telling you, he's from somewhere else.
So this picture above shows him at one of his rare calm moments. Seriously though, how can someone be this cute and be from Earth? 
Really, I hope that someday he reads this and realizes just how much his Daddy loves him. Actually, I hope that I do a good enough job of making sure he knows how much I love him that reading this just reinforces it for him.
As always have a great night and see you tomorrow.
One last thing.
I did have my heart ripped from my chest this afternoon, and it hurt really bad. My Detroit Lions played an excellent game for about 58 minutes, then blew up and became the same old Lions for the last two minutes. The coaches made a couple of really bad decisions that basically was the turning point of the game. So instead of being on a winning streak for the first time in what feels like eons, they lost again. They had a chance to beat one of the better teams in the NFL, but instead ended up making me scream and throw things again. Why do I put myself through this every season? Oh well, Duke basketball starts in one week! I can't wait!


  1. He's made of something tough, for sure! Perhaps there's a recipe?

  2. Okay, you lost me with "One Last Thing". But, being the father of three of these "boy" creatures, I hear you loud and clear. My 10 year old still acts like your son.
    Good Luck!

  3. As a Jets fan, I apologize because we truly did suck for the majority of that game.

  4. Always Home, I'll just say this, your Jets played sucky because the Lions played that good. But, the Lions are still the Lions, and the Jets are good enough to stick around and capitalize on another team's stupid boneheaded mistakes. The Lions are on the rise though!

  5. Mark, I was talking about the Detroit Lions football team in the NFL, and then the Duke Blue Devils college basketball team. I kind of got off topic with that last paragraph. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has little boys act like mine does. I guess being a dad to a little alien is a bit of a brotherhood and blogs like this are our way of connecting.

  6. Tim(The Dotterel,) I think the recipe is something we can never get back. Youth!!! Of course as the old saying goes, it's wasted on the young. As I stated, if I fell like my boy does, I'd be down for the count for quite some time. Thanks for the read and the comment!